Best Indoor Grow Lights for Marijuana Growth Stages

Marijuana is unlike any other plant when it comes to growth. It takes more time, about a year, (since you plant it and on the day you harvest it) for it to grow and multiply. Since this is the case, you would want to take good care of your indoor grow room and one of the very important things to keep in mind is that your babies will be needing a lot of light. The rule is the more light, the better harvest you get.

In growing marijuana, we use a special type of lighting which is grow lights. There are different kinds and brands of grow lights available in the market right now. You are free to choose among which of them you think would be best to use, but it is wise to consider the fact that marijuana has two important stages of plant growth and each stage needs a certain type of lighting. So basically, it’s not about overfeeding your plants with as much light but finding the best grow light that can give out just the right spectrum it needs at a certain stage.

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When you first plant your marijuana, it will enter the vegetative stage where it begins to grow out its stems to prepare for budding and flowering. This usually takes about 40 days. At this stage, your plants would love to have a lot of blue light and the best grow lights to use would be Fluorescents and Metal Halides.

Fluorescents are actually good if you’re a little tight with your budget. It is cheaper than other grow lights and it consumes lesser electricity. However, it emits a blue spectrum that is not as much as Metal Halides. Metal Halides are actually more abundant with blue spectrum with about 125 lumens per watt compared to the 39 lumens per watt of a fluorescent bulb. However, as a High Intensity Discharge (HID) light, it is a little bit pricey.

After vegetation, your cannabis will start to bud and produce flowers. During the budding and flowering stage, you’re out with the blue and in with the red. Your plants will need a lot of red spectrum and the best grow light to use would be High Pressure Sodium. This type of grow light emits a red and orange glow causing your plants to bud and flower. Although it is also a bit pricey because it’s also an HID, the good thing about HPS is that it is efficient, producing 140 lumens per watt and stays longer with a lifespan of twice of that of Metal Halides.

HIDs are very traditional grow lights and are tested and proven. But recently, LED grow lights are slowly capturing the attention of a lot of growers because of its better efficiency. As to lighting, it is able to emit both blue and red spectrums which show its purplish light color.

When choosing which best grow light to use, considerations follow such as your budget, grow room area and growing method. However, there are only two colors to primarily think about, blue for vegetation and red for flowering.

2 responses to “Best Indoor Grow Lights for Marijuana Growth Stages

  1. I am unsure of when this was written but I think you should really look at LED Lights a little closer. LED lights are everywhere and really rock as far as efficiency and growth. They are more expensive at the start but really work efficiently and a LOT cooler. I have a 432 watt system that only uses about 270-300 watts and has a long life (50K hours). That saves $$$ over a grow and many more to come!

    I have used MH/HPS and it was not nearly this good at 600 watts. It was hotter and added a lot of extra watering and heat removal.

    The LED system is very cool when running, maybe 15 or 20 degrees cooler. I never really measured it but comfortable is comfortable. Not adding a lot of heat to my grow room that is in my “Man Cave” is a big plus when you are in the deep south. It costs a lot to cool my house already and no need to add more temperature that you will have to lower again!

    LED’s are getting more available and the prices are likely to go down slightly due to competition, just google LED lights and have a nice month looking at them all. The more competition for GOOD LED’s, the more likely a lower price for them will result . The growth and budding power of the LED’s is nothing short of awesome. Grows HUGE cola’s that are covered with resin. You have to see them to believe it.