Maintaining Your Marijuana Bongs

The recent legalization of marijuana use has garnered storm of opinions, not only from the different localities in the US but also around the world. Marijuana for recreational use has been a wide issue among the people but making the use of marijuana legal is a huge step in the acceptance of this practice.

Marijuana can be consumed through a number of ways. You can smoke it, you can chew it as is but most prefer the traditional method of smoking it through a wrapper shaped into a cigarette. However, there’s one more method that’s been promoted through the past couple of years because of its benefits and innovative way to get you high at the same time and that’s through the use of marijuana bongs.

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The use of marijuana bongs is the new way of consuming cannabis or marijuana through a cleaner and more innovative method. Most of the time, bongs are made of ceramic or glass but they can also be made from other materials like wood.

Since they’re like tools or gadgets, you need to maintain them so that the quality of the weed that these bongs deliver doesn’t wither. Maintenance of marijuana bongs can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t familiar with doing it.

Here are the steps on how you to clean and maintain your marijuana bongs for a longer shelf life.

  • Prepare the materials you’ll be using which are rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol or 70% ethyl alcohol will do) and a canister of salt. These two will help in cleaning the bong, as well as cleaning the residue left behind by the mixture of water and weed. Some may recommend using just water but it won’t be enough to remove the sticky residue that may have stayed for a long time.
  • Start pouring alcohol into the chamber of your bong as you add a good amount of salt or you can put a mixture of the alcohol and salt into the bong’s chamber in one go to cleanse the residue and help in removing it later on.
  • Once you see the resin or the residues inside the bong start to loosen up or get dissolved in the alcohol and salt solution, you can start swirling it around to remove more of the residue.
  • If the residue seems to be too thick, you can let the solution inside the bong’s chamber sit overnight to loosen all the dirt that has accumulated inside.
  • After making sure that the residue is removed from the bong’s chamber, you can empty the solution in the sink and then begin putting warm water inside to rinse the bong’s chamber.
  • If there still leftover residue, you can just repeat the whole process until it’s clean.
  • Leave your bong to completely dry out and then you’re done.

Cleaning your marijuana bongs actually does matter. When you have a clean bong, the taste and the texture of the smoke that you get is very different. With these steps, hopefully you now know how to manage and clean your own marijuana bongs.