Marijuana Pill: The Advantages and Disadvantages

It is already a one big advancement in the field of medicine when people behind the medical and pharmaceutical field were able to make a marijuana pill. However, just like any other medicine like it, using it has both advantages and disadvantages.

While there is a “war” going on for years whether using marijuana as a medical treatment should be approved or not, the active ingredient in cannabis causing those medicinal effects had already been isolated and transformed into the more socially and economically acceptable form of a pill. You may think, “Oh, great! They made a pill form, problem solved” but the story doesn’t end there.

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The curious ones or famously called researchers because they always question and test everything, made studies to find out whether this marijuana pill is a better way of taking marijuana compared to the traditional way of taking marijuana which is through smoking.

Both forms of medical marijuana are effective in treating symptoms and managing pain of patients. But there were studies saying that using the THC pill is better than just smoking marijuana and there were others saying that it is the other way around.

The Advantages of Using the Marijuana Pill

The pain killing effect of marijuana pill lasts longer than the effect you can get by taking cannabis the traditional way. The pill form has an analgesic effect that can last two hours longer than the pot form. When you undergo constant pain like that of the cancer patients, the extra two hours of being pain free already means a big thing.

One advantage of using the pill form of cannabis compared to smoking it is that the healthcare providers are able to measure the dosages of the medications given to the patient. That way, they are also able to adjust the amount of medicine given to the patient according to what he can tolerate.

Because this form of medical marijuana administration is more measurable, there is a lesser chance for the patient to abuse the medicinal effects of cannabis and he won’t likely get dependent to it. Marijuana pill users reported that you can get less “pleasure” from it than by smoking the weed which makes it not at risk for being addictive. This is a very good point of advantage because what most people are worried if ever medical marijuana will be legalized is that people might abuse it.

Disadvantages of Using the Marijuana Pill

Taking the pill form may give you a more lasting effect but smoking it can give you that numbing, pain killing effect faster. When severe pain just attacks you from out of nowhere, using the pot form of marijuana could be a big help.

If you compare marijuana pill to just smoking marijuana, the pill has lesser resources. Buying marijuana pill would require a prescription from a doctor who is allowed to prescribe such medicine. On the other hand, if you just smoke it, there are a lot of ways you can get it.