Marijuana Statistics: 38% of Americans Have Tried Marijuana

marijuana statistics

The use of marijuana amongst Americans always differs greatly by age, gender and political ideology. However, the patterns for the demography for Americans’ past experimentation with marijuana and recent use don’t always yield the same results.

In a marijuana statistics survey, it shows that adults aging between 30 and 64 are those who say they have tried marijuana while the young adults aging 18 to 29 are those who say they are currently smoking it. Also, by 30% to 47%, men have tried the drug more than women have. As for the current usage of the drug, there is only a small difference wherein 8% of men use it while 6% of women are saying they smoke pot.

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When it comes to the current usage of marijuana, liberals (13%) have one of the highest rates which exceed both the conservatives (2%) and the moderates (8%). The pattern for those who tried the drug is also the same wherein 49% of liberals have tried it while 40% of the moderates and 32% of the conservatives have smoked pot.

Despite the timeline, the experience of marijuana users amongst Americans is similar to that of democrats and independents since they are more prevalent to those two groups than those among Republicans.

There are also minor differences in marijuana statistics when it comes to marijuana users by race and by education. For income-related, there is not much difference but the Americans belonging in the lower-income are those that are still currently using it. This is consistent with the high percentage of the young adults who said they have tried it given that this group is the ones with the lower household income figures.

In addition, those adults who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis have a high percentage in using marijuana than those who don’t. Also, they also revealed that they still smoke pot even up to this day.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse also came up with the following statistics for the use of marijuana in the United States:

  • In 2009, over 104 million Americans aging 12 and above have tried pot at least once and 17 million has also tried on the month before the survey was conducted.
  • Marijuana use usually peaks among those in their late teen and early twenties but soon declines in the later years. This data certainly raises a concern for parents considering that it might impact the development of their children’s brain.
  • The potency of marijuana has increased over the years. In 2009, the THC concentrations are averaging close to 10% compared to the 1980s which is only at around 4%.
  • There is also a pattern among high school students that prior to using other drugs; they have tried alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana first.

The bottom line is this marijuana statistics clearly shows that America’s support for the legalization of marijuana during the past 2 decades has grown markedly where it has been aided strongly by medical-marijuana movements in several states. Despite the fact that this leaves an impression that the number of Americans using the drug has increased, it still isn’t enough compared those in 1985.