The Art of Self-expression: Marijuana Tattoos

marijuana tattoos

Tattoos have different meanings for each individual or culture. In some cultures, tattoos signify rank, group or status. Today, we see it as a reflection of one’s personality, expression of self, symbol of a major life event or even merely a form of body accessory. There are lots of wearers of Marijuana tattoos all over the world. What could it mean to them?

The Meaning of Marijuana Tattoos

The fad of Marijuana tattoos started during the popularity of the hippie subculture. It is around the 60’s and the 70s that these hippies started smoking weed to enhance their senses and relax themselves. They smoked pot in the company of friends to create a peaceful environment and warm approach towards life.

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By having a marijuana tattoo, they expressed their acceptance and awareness in the drug culture. Their group aimed to convey the message of peace, freedom and love. This is what the symbol of the marijuana leaf is known for.

In today’s culture, marijuana tattoos remain to be a symbol of autonomy and independence. Because of the many debates regarding the legalization of marijuana use, a person with a marijuana tattoo also shows his stand and support in its promotion. Although some people associate marijuana tattoos with rebellion and recklessness, it is unlikely so. But just as it is etched on the skin of the wearer, it inevitably tells the public that he indulges in its use.

Marijuana tattoos are simple yet they hold a lot of meanings. They are symbols of hope, freedom, adventure and youthfulness and it is amazing how the wearers also radiate these to others through their tattoos.

The Different Tattoo Styles and Placements

As with any image turned into a tattoo, there are also two main styles that marijuana tattoos are usually drawn from. There are cartoon-like tattoos and there are realistic ones. Both styles can be brightly-colored or in plain black.

The single marijuana leaf remains to be the most popular design for marijuana tattoos. Others include symbols such as the number 420, peace signs, skulls, tribal art, flowers or musical instruments. There are also some who prefer to have it with a specific quote. Perhaps the sentimental ones also have names inked beside the marijuana. There are also other designs that are related to marijuana tattoos and they are items that are involved in its use. For instance, they prefer to have hookahs, lit joints or pipes inked on them.

Tattoos can be personalized and it’s always possible to have your own design inked on your skin. Placements also vary. Most men prefer them to be on their forearms, shoulders, chest or their entire back while women mostly have theirs placed on the lower part of their stomach, ankle or lower back.

No matter what the design is, a tattoo tells us something about an individual’s life and personality. For those who have marijuana tattoos etched on their skin, it is a symbol of a cause. It is a symbol of something that can bring them bliss, confidence and inner peace.

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