Marijuana Types and Their Growing Family  

marijuana types

Known as the Assassin of youth, Ganja, Mary Jane chillums, bammy, weed and many more names, Marijuana is probably the one of the most popular plants in the planet, not to mention, with the most number of names.

You probably think the names are confusing but if you get it in context, you’ll definitely get your hands on one. Due to its popularity in the United States, different people manage to arrive at different names depending on their location and age group. Marijuana comes from dried hemp and is often smoked like a cigarette.

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If you are confused with the names, you may be more confused to see lots of marijuana types out there. The growing number of marijuana types resulted from people trying to crossbreed the two marijuana strains – Indica and Sativa. In the process, they are able to mix and measure the potency and density of the buds. As such, most users may find the high different from each marijuana type.

The regular reactions you should get when smoking pot focuses on heightened sensitivity and awareness, reduced anxiety, relaxed mind, empathy and decreased physical pain. To give a shot of the action, here are some of the most common marijuana types out in the market today.

White Widow

This is probably the king of weed industry today. With over 20% THC, white widow is a Sativa-dominant strain but looks as a pure Sativa strain. The appearance of this weed is like a Sativa strain with white powder covering almost all the plant. This white element in the plant is where all the THC is concentrated which looks a lot like cocaine. Most stoners deem this as a weed for the day only since it will pump you out all day.


No, you guessed wrong. It’s not chewy like gum but it’s aroma is. Just like bazooka, bubblegum has a sweet aroma which makes it a favorite among smokers. Dominantly from the Indica marijuana strain, this weed can turn your bad and stressful day to a light and relaxing day.

Jack Frost

Feeling hot and sweaty? With just a chase of Jack Frost, a hot sunny weather will feel like the cold and refreshing day. Derived from its appearance, this marijuana type was called Jack Frost due to the icy appearance it has. This is a strain created from crossing three existent strains, Jack Herrer, Northern Lights and White Widow. With this, you get a scent of pine and lemon, it’s definite to free you from pain and anxiety.

Purple Kush

This popular medical marijuana can treat anxiety and even depression. The purple color of the plant came from crossing the strains of Hindu Kush, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purps. Due to its medical benefits, smokers of Purple Kush say it takes away the physical pain with effects that lasts for a long time.

With 20 states legalizing medical marijuana, numerous studies have certified that this plant can contribute positively to the overall health of those suffering from glaucoma, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms and even slow down the spread of cancer cells. With the Medical Marijuana Bill on the road, weed lovers and those with the aforementioned diseases are hopeful to get their hands on the medical marijuana immediately.