Apollo 13 Marijuana Strain
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The Apollo 13 cannabis strain is mostly on the Sativa side and is well-known for providing smokers that spacey head and psychedelic high. In the reports submitted by users of this marijuana strain, they first experience a rise in creativity, then comes an uplifting mood and finally, a feeling of euphoria.


Just like the other strains, the Apollo 13 is known to provide users energy. One of the notable benefits that this strain can provide is the increase in focus. In some states on the West Coast, some adults with ADD have received an increase in prescription volume for this strain. As for the negative side effects, the ones provided by this strain is common which includes dry eyes and mouth, headaches, anxiety, and paranoia.


Just like the other Sativas, the Apollo 13 has been used during the early days and is recommended for individuals that are under anxiety, stress and depression. Even though this is not ideal for treatment of severe pain, some people still use it to relieve their minor aches. This strain can also be used to induce appetite and relieve nausea.


The genetics of the Apollo 13 were originally designed by the Brothers Grimm as a cross between the strains Princess 75 and Genius. As for the growing method, this one is ideal for beginner growers because it only needs little attention unlike the other strains out there.


After the flowering period between 7 to 8 weeks, the Apollo 13 is capable of producing a heavy yield. This is recommended for an Indoor Sea of Green setup but if the climate is right then it can also be grown outdoors. Also, there are other breeders out there who have released their own versions of the Apollo 13 with some alterations on them.


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