Australian Blue Marijuana Seeds
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The Australian Blue is a cross between the Fantaseeds’ prize-winning strain, the Blue Haze, together with the Australian strain from the growers of down under. Australia is famous for being one of the global spots for the sativas. The Australian Blue’s 90% sativa mother strain, the “Boesi” or “Duck” strain, has contributed a clean musk of lemon grove and a classic sativa high to this crossbreed.

The influence of the strain is combined with the dominant sativa that provided the Australian Blue that leggy plant which allows it to branch out and get really tall. It is forming branches starting from the bottom and it grows to acquire that slender Christmas-tree shape.

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You don’t necessarily have to be in Australia just to get good results out of your Australian Blue but somewhere where the weather is capable of supporting an 11-week flowering cycle and the thermometer will point somewhere above 17 Celsius will be good enough for the plant.

If your location doesn’t meet the criteria for the growing condition, this particular strain can also be grown indoors. But if you prefer on growing it indoors, the average yield that is expected is somewhere around ¾ ounce or 20-25 grams for each plant wherein it is a fairly typical yield for a sativa strain.

The buzz that the Australian Blue provides notably comes from a haze-sativa where it is uplifting and lucid but can sometimes border somewhere around on the psychedelic side. If it is harvested at an early stage, it can get to be a little speedy. But if it is being matured at the right time and conditions, it can deliver the kind of high that the fans of the sativa will really love – euphoric and thoughtful, relaxed but not sleep and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

So if you are a lover of the sativa strain, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Australian Blue especially with the effects that you’ll surely both love and enjoy.

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