Berry White Marijuana Strain
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Cannabis hybrids aren’t anything new nowadays. With thousands of different marijuana strains that you can get from the market, the hybrid strains dominate the lineup and for good reason. The Berry White marijuana strain is just one of the many hybrid strains that you can get.

Known for being the descendant of the ever popular Blueberry and White Widow marijuana strains, there’s no question why the Berry White strain has also gained quite the popularity among consumers.

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Let’s get to know this awesome strain more.


Plant Features and Strain Details

The Berry White marijuana strain is a hybrid coming from the Blueberry and White Widow marijuana strains. The Berry White is known for its even and balanced hit effects that offer a relaxing sensation from stress and worries while bringing you to state of euphoria and happiness.

Many regard this strain as the perfect dose if you want to get into a good mood and discover your creativity and unlock your imagination. The Berry White has a light sour berry and pine aroma while the taste is quite similar to the smell. The plant has a strong blue color with orange hairs.


Smoking Effects

Smoking the Berry White strain brings you to a euphoric sense of happiness. It’s perfect for unlocking your ideas and imagination that will work well in creative endeavors. The taste of the Berry White is predominantly sweet like a mix of blueberry and berries.


Medicinal Uses

The Berry White is used to relieve both pain and anxiety. Other uses of the Berry White include treating stress, depression and nausea. Do note that side effects include dryness of the mouth and eyes.



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