Black Velvet Marijuana Strain
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The Black Velvet marijuana strain is known best for its color, hence its name. This hybrid marijuana strain is taken from the Indica Black and the sativa Burmese Kush that brings a potent cerebral effect that yields a sense of relaxation like no other.


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Plant Features and Strain Details

The Black Velvet is a 50/50 hybrid coming from the Black and Burmese Kush strains. Because of its lineage, the Black Velvet is known best for its relaxing effects that are both cerebral and physical effects, making it the perfect stoner.

The Black Velvet’s flower gets a dense and purple to black hue from its Indica Black strain parent but its fruity and citrus scent comes from the aromatic sativa Burmese Kush strain. The Black Velvet is also known for its rich THC content, making the strain a good dose for experienced consumers of its flavors and relaxing effects.


Smoking Effects

Smoking the Black Velvet yields both a physical and cerebral sense of relaxation that’s makes you feel lazy and sleepy. If you want a peaceful and relaxing stone, then the Black Velvet can certainly deliver a euphoric relaxation with every hit. The taste is just similar to its aroma – a fruity and citrus taste that’s sweet and heavenly.


Medicinal Uses

The Black Velvet strain places high value for the medical field. It’s used to relieve anxiety, stress and pain for various patients. It’s also helpful in improving appetite and helping those with sleeping problems. Do be careful since side effects include dryness of the mouth and the eyes.



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