Chocolope Marijuana Strain

There are hundreds of sativa strains in the marijuana world. But it’s quite rare to find something unique like the Chocolope because of its aroma and flavor. Coming from the crossbreeding of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this Chocolate strain is just one of the many strains that became popular in the 1980s.


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Strain Details and Plant Features

The Chocolope comes from the crossing of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze strains. This created a heavy sativa strain that gives you sweet coffee flavors and an earthy aroma that brings a cerebral euphoria when smoked. A lot of users report of a strong and euphoric sense of relaxation with the use of Chocolope that’s great when it comes to depression or relieving stress.


Smoking Effects

The Chocolope is best known for its flavor and aroma. Being sweet and coffee-flavored, the Chocolope is one of the Chocolate strains that became popular back in the 80s. Because of its sweet flavor, it’s quite popular among users. Smoking the Chocolope brings an uplifting sense of euphoria that makes you happy and brings out your creative tendencies. Common side effects include dryness of the eyes and the mouth.


Medicinal Uses

The main use of Chocolope is to battle stress and anxiety since it’s great for setting the mood and letting you relax. It’s also used for pain relief and improving appetite. The sweet strain is also known for being great at relieving depression because of its uplifting and euphoric stone that can make you happy and contented.



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