Headband Marijuana Strain
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Hybrids are nothing new when it comes to the world of marijuana. Out of the hundreds of thousands of different strains, hybrids of sativa and Indica dominate the market because of breeding throughout the years. The Headband marijuana strain comes from a crossbreeding of the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel, making it a flavorful type of strain that provides a relaxing sense of high.


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Strain Details and Plant Features

The powerful potency of the Headband strain comes from its parents – the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel. Mixed with flavors of lemon and diesel, the Headband strain is known for its long-lasting smoking effects that are great for pain relief, relaxation and in fighting off stress. When smoked, consumers report the feeling of a slight pressure on the crown of their heads, thus the name of the strain. Enjoy yourself with this incredibly potent breed for a slow and pacing high.


Smoking Effects

The effects of the Headband strain generally makes you feel uplifted, happy, and just plain euphoric. It’s perfect in bringing out your creative tendencies and it’s great for putting yourself out of a sad lump. Do be warned though as dryness of the mouth and eyes are common side effects. Because of its potency, it’s advised to pace yourself when smoking this strain.


Medicinal Uses

The Headband is great for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also great for pain relief since it’s a potent strain that helps you relax with ease. Other uses include fighting off depression and improving your appetite.



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