Royal Moby Marijuana Seeds
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Indica and Sativa hybrids have been mainly used in different parts of the world to come up with new varieties of cannabis seeds, ever since the era of early skunks. Among the most widely known and liked genetic variety of cannabis strains is the Royal Moby which is Spanish classic feminized seed with a Dutch twist. This Indica/Sativa hybrid boasts of its full psychoactive effects such as those possessed by an intrinsic Sativa.


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Plant Features

As a Sativa dominant strain, this plant ideally grows big and powerful during its entire flowering stage. It can grow as tall as 2 meters when it is grown indoors but growers can choose to cultivate it outdoors if they want it to grow up to 3 meters tall. It has plenty of buds all over and it grows with long springy branches, just like what a typically Sativa plant grows into.


Growth and Yielding

With utmost care and proper techniques, Royal Moby plants can grow well and can yield by as much as 600g per square meter or 75g per plant under a 600w light. Outdoor growing normally requires a lot of sun and that’s why it is ideal to do it in areas with tropical environments. Optimum growth of this plant likely reaches 3m in height and that’s why growers have to provide enough room for this. Flowering stage takes about 9 or 10 weeks


Smoking Effects

One fact that makes Royal Moby a great choice for cannabis consumers is its strong smoking effect which makes it among the most powerful THC-bearing marijuana varieties. Great pleasure and ultimate head-high satisfaction is guaranteed with Royal Moby strains. At an affordable price of €25 (for a pack of 3 seeds) and with excellent cultivation procedures, growing this plant is definitely worth the time, effort and money spent for it.

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