While there are hundreds and thousands of cannabis strains all around the world, there is a special place for quite a few of them. These powerhouse strains are capable of bringing you to a new level of high that’s unique and uplifting and couldn’t be achieved by many strains that you can get on the market. The Chemdawg strain is just one of those cannabis strains that have garnered praise and respect because of its benefits and the effects that it brings.

The Chemdawg is a hybrid strain that has a unique taste and smell. Known for its powerful effects, this strain is not for the amateur stoners. The high THC content is certain to get you high in no time and will be definitely worth your money.

Strain Details and Plant Features

The origins of the Chemdawg strain still remain a mystery due to its ambiguous genetics and crossbreeding. But one thing that’s certain is that this strain has already secured its place among the best strains around the world. Being the original source of other heavy duty strains like the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel, the Chemdawg is known best for its diesel-like scent. It’s pungent and strong, being able to be smelled from miles away.

Smoking Effects

The smoking effects of the Chemdawg is generally an uplifting and euphoric sense of high that makes you happy and creative, making it perfect for those who want a spur of inspiration in the work. It also brings a relaxing and soothing feeling as a heavy duty stoner. Do be warned though – the Chemdawg isn’t for the cannabis newbie because of its potency. With a THC content of 15-20%, you can expect a cerebral high that’s paired together with a strong sense of relaxation for the body.

Medicinal Use

The Chemdawg is generally used to relieve pain and stress because of its relaxing effects. It’s also used for relief of anxiety, removing the shakiness that comes along. This strain is also helpful for those who have poor appetite and those who are suffering from depression.

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