The Super Skunk is predominant in its Indica variety and the robust flowers that it has clearly originated from its parent strain known as Skunk #1. This strain is a result of backcrossing the legendary Skunk with Afghani genetics. The Sensi Seeds created the strain with thick, dense buds that are famous in being extremely pungent together with a surprisingly sweet taste. It produces an effect that relaxes your body and could be the best solution for body pains and increased stress.

Strain Details

  • Plant Type: Regular
  • Sativa or Indica: 25% – 75% Indica dominant
  • THC Level: High at 17% – 19%
  • CBD (Medical): Medium
  • Height: Tall (±150 cm – ±59,06″)
  • Yield: Average (±450 gr/m² – ±15,87 oz./ft²)
  • Flowering Period: Average (56 days)
  • Climate: Ideal to grow on an average, land climate
  • Good for: Indoor/Medical/Beginner

Smoking Effects

The Super Skunk will provide you with a strong all-round buzz that is also clear. Even though the smell isn’t that good, this marijuana strain will still provide you with a very pleasant high. This cannabis is popular for its aromatic high and potent flavor. Another thing that this marijuana is known for is its strong physical stone and that will mean that its couch lock effect will last that long.

Plant Features

The Super Skunk marijuana strain was specifically developed for smokers who love the Skunk. It is also one of the most famous strains in the world. When it is brushed, this plant will fill the room with a powerful aroma of a Skunk.

For its appearance, the Super Skunk is light green for its overall color that also has brown hairs. It is also extremely fast when it comes to flowering. The heavy branches and thick stems will hold fat, rounded buds that have a powerful and extremely pungent Skunk smell.

Medicinal Use

This marijuana plant is ideal and highly recommended for individuals who are suffering headaches, insomnia, cramps or lack of appetite.

One response to “Super Skunk

  1. It really has a good effect on me. It has a good taste and gave me a good high. I think Super Skunk is one off the best.