Legal Marijuana States – States that Legalize the Use of Marijuana

legal marijuana states

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana or pot, is generally an illegal drug in majority of the states as well as in many countries in the world. Legalizing the use of Marijuana, however, has been a long ongoing issue among the states and the countries.

Looking at it from different perspectives, both the people and places who take their stand on this ongoing issue have a point. Taking some dosage of marijuana medically prescribed or not, has its pros and cons.

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Let’s take any substance in this case. Whatever you use, eat, drink or do, as long as it is abused has a negative effect. The same goes for drugs. Anything has to be done in moderation, if not, the effect would not be good.

In the United States, using and selling marijuana is illegal based on the federal laws. However, some states made moves to either legalize or decriminalize the use of marijuana depending on the purpose of its usage.

Majority of the reasons of these legal marijuana states is because of the advantages that it presents on the medical field. However, there are many attempts of decriminalization because of the amount that it frees from prosecuting users and from freeing a substantial amount of law-enforcement resources which could be used to prevent more serious crimes rather than giving attention to something petty and not so serious unless overly abused.

Out of the fifty states of the US, majority have decriminalize the usage as long as it is for medical purposes and two have moved rigidly to pass on an amendment to completely legalize the use of marijuana, both for recreational and medical purposes. These are Colorado and Washington states.

Let’s have an in depth look to these legal marijuana states:

In Colorado, the Amendment 64 legalized the use, sale and possession of pot last November of 2012. According to Norml, private cultivation of up to six marijuana plants, with no more than three being mature is not subjected to any penalty. It also states that an adult, aged 21 and up, can grow up to six plants, three mature and three immature as long as it is grown in a locked space. Possession of pot is also allowed only for one ounce per person.

Washington Initiative 502 also permitted and legalized the use of cannabis in the state of Washington. The state allows anyone over twenty one years old to use and carry marijuana with them as long as it is not over one ounce. Unlike in Colorado, Washington does not allow anyone to grow marijuana for personal purposes unless it is for medical use. Anyone who sells, manufactures and distributes marijuana is required to have a license from the states.

Many states are still trying to do the same. Whatever move the state or the country might do though, it is still up to the citizen if they will keep using it. After all, the choices lie on the individual. If they want to use it, they can always find access, now that there are many ways to buy such items, either through personal transactions or online.

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