Old Habits Die Hard: Why is Marijuana Illegal?

why is marijuana illegal

According to the weedblog.com, “In 2013 in the United States of America, possession of 1 ounce of marijuana (cannabis sativa) is: legal for adults and for medical use in 2 states, allowed for medical use and decriminalized in 11, allowed for medical use only in 14, a civil infraction (decriminalized) in 4, and considered a criminal act in 23 states.”

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Statistics clearly show that there is still a sizable number of U.S. States which remain faithful to existing federal statutes which ban possession of marijuana and make it a criminal offense. However, recent scientific studies reveal that smoking marijuana, if regulated by proper authorities, has great medicinal benefits. And so, we “puff” the question, so to speak: why is marijuana illegal?

Clearly, this is not just a simple case of an old habit that is hard to extinguish. While it is true that recent scientific researches tend to argue that medicinal marijuana far outweighs the risk of smoking the “evil weed,” there are also studies that show the effect of marijuana for recreational purpose.

According to recent online news from washingtonpost.com, while “… cultural attitudes [decriminalization and legalization of marijuana] toward the drug are changing fast,” the article also mentioned a research study published in The Journal of NeuroScience which “says even casual marijuana smokers showed significant abnormalities in two vital brain regions important in motivation and emotion.” This arbitrarily debunks the idea of making marijuana-smoking lawful as long as it taken for “recreational” purposes.

Of course, the pro-users of legalized recreational marijuana (scientific name: cannabis sativa) would contend that the health benefits of its regulated use far outnumber the risks (real or otherwise). That these anti-marijuana users are just KJ (kill joy) and accuse them of blowing “a smokescreen of lies to hide the flame of truth.” But: why is marijuana illegal? Is it really that bad a habit or scary as an addiction that needs to be “weeded out”? Or is it a medical wonder of a treatment which, when properly nurtured, can actually save lives?

Cigarette is worse than marijuana, but marijuana leads to drug abuse more than cigarette.

While it is true that cigarette smoking is perceived as worse than marijuana smoking, this does not necessarily follow that marijuana per se is better than a nicotine-based concoction. The psychological and physical effects of marijuana can take a toll not only on the body of the user, but on his decision-making skills if he doesn’t know his limits.

Thus, perceived harmful effects such as increase in heart rate, a sense of disorientation and sexual impotence can occur. There are also studies that show marijuana use can have 50% or more carcinogenic substances which may lead to health complications in the long-term usage.

Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana remains illegal for the simple reason that the chances of the substance being abused, especially by today’s youth, is greater than its perceived or real medicinal and recreational value.

Old habits die hard maybe because they instinctively protect us from what they believe is wrong or bad from the very beginning. But whether it’s really good or bad for you, no one knows it but you.

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