What makes a blunt a blunt? It’s the wrapper, and the higher its quality, the better the smoke will be. Traditionally, this entails buying of the top cigar brands such as Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Master, and more. It can be costly as you only use the wrapper while discarding the innards – which you also paid for, by the way.

As can be expected of an industry flooded by creative people, it soon became apparent that there is a need for blunt wraps – sans the tobacco fillers. And so, you have all these brands producing wrappers, much like rolling papers for joints. And, many come with different flavors to suit your taste. There are even those that do not contain nicotine.

How To Roll Weed With A Blunt Wrap

One of the advantages of using blunt wraps is that there is no need to buy a cigar, splitting and removing the innards. These papers come in ready-to-use form.

1. Preparation

To roll a blunt, you also need to prepare the other materials – both required and optional.

  1. Cannabis bud. Ensure that the dried herb is of high-quality for the ultimate experience. Even a premium strain cannot deliver the expected effects if the buds are already of poor quality, or have degraded due to improper curing or storage. Prepare at least 1 gram.
  2. Herb Grinder (optional). Breaking apart the buds with your fingers work, but it does not provide you with the best experience. An herb grinder helps you cut into bits and pieces with uniform consistency. Not only does the weed burn in its entirety, but the burning is also even. As a result, the smoke will contain the highest amount of cannabinoids and other desirable compounds possible.
  3. Filter Tip (optional). A roach or a crutch, as filter tips are popularly called, is useful but not required. You know what it is like when the blunt is nearly finished, and it gets difficult to hold and draw the smoke. Not only that, you have to be wary of burning your lips. A filter tip is not only useful in preventing you from inhaling tiny pieces of plant matter into your mouth. It also acts as a spacer, making it convenient to hold as you finish up the blunt.
  4. Blunt Wrap. Prepare a sheet. It could be natural (unflavored) or flavored, can have nicotine or none. There are plenty to choose from, and it comes down to your preference. You do need to check the wrapper for signs of damage.
Roll A Blunt
Keep your blunt in one hand, like this, to have full control

2. Procedure

Make sure that you are working with a clean surface. After so much fuss about getting or growing the purest, cleanest weed, the last thing you want is a dirty surface contaminating the buds. A tray with a glossy surface works well as you could contain the debris and make cleaning up later easier.

  1. Are you using a filter? If you chose to make one on the fly, instead of buying pre-rolled tips, then this is what you can do first. Take one sheet and fold one end about 3/4″ of the way. Fold back once, and one more time, in opposite directions. In essence, you are creating a ‘W’ accordion shape. Roll the rest of the paper on the crutch.
  2. Cut the buds into coarse bits, ideally using an herb grinder.
  3. Check the blunt wrap to ensure that it is not excessively dry. If so, lick the inside to moisten.
  4. Put the filter tip on one end and start filling the wrapper with weed. If you used a 3-chamber weed grinder to collect kief, you could sprinkle the kief for maximum potency.
  5. Roll one side of the blunt wrap while tucking in the weed to pack. Roll the loose end, lick to moisten, and seal. You may have to wet the blunt wrap a few more times. Slowly, gently work from one end to the other end.
  6. Once done, the blunt is too moist to lit up. What you can do is to leave it to dry. You could also hasten the drying process by running the blunt over a lighter flame. Be careful not to burn the wrapper prematurely.

Blunt Wraps You Could Try

Juicy Jay’s is one of the most popular brands providing blunt wraps. There are plenty of choices and flavors to choose from, including the non-tobacco Hemp Wraps Natural. Made of 100% hemp, it is all-organic and contains no nicotine. That being the case, it does skirt the traditional definition of blunt, which calls for tobacco wraps. At any rate, it is suitable for individuals who cannot tolerate tobacco and find it too harsh.

Al Capone is a good starter for tobacco wrap. Although a little hard to roll, it more than makes up by offering fantastic flavors. Best of all, it has a slow burn rate, giving you time to enjoy every toke.

Make Sure To Never Run Out Of Wraps

There is nothing more frustrating than not to have a blunt wrap at a time when you crave lighting one up the most. Blunt wraps are readily available online, but it takes time to ship. If it is your first time to buy, then try to purchase different brands – pick 2 or 3. See which one you like the most, and then go ahead obtain some more.

Cannabis Joint
Hold your blunt using three fingers while putting some weed

One thing that you will notice with reputable brands is that the wrapper ships in airtight packages. That is to ensure that the hemp or tobacco leaf would retain the appropriate moisture level as intended.

Ready to use, different flavors, these are the strengths of blunt wraps. Moreover, it is cost-effective in the sense that you no longer need to pay for innards that will be discarded anyway.