No matter what you do, you always have to be armed with the proper weapons. It’s pretty much basic, especially if you ought to do it often, right? The same is true when it comes to smoking weed. You should have all the basic marijuana accessories. Being a good Boy or Girl Scout pays a lot after all. You should always be ready for whatever situation, be it in your own home or at a friend’s house. Live your life to the fullest with weed by having all of these tools. You should be the best stoner in your clique.

Marijuana accessories
Basic Marijuana Accessories

The Essential Marijuana Accessories

A Good Jar

Good weed deserves a good jar. Most people prefer mason jars and they’re actually great ones. Seeing through the glass with the weed inside may be simple but naturally classy and sexy. But you can also find other cool glasses in the market. Good containers don’t only mask the smell, they also ensure that your weed doesn’t get crushed or flattened.

Clear Glass Jar
Clear glass jar for Marijuana storage

A Trusty Spray

No matter how much you’d want that aroma to stick around for you to inhale even after you smoke, other people prefer them gone. Some brands include Febreeze and Ozium. Spray a little around your room to get rid of the classic ganja aroma.

A Solid Grinder

Among all the marijuana accessories, this is probably the most important one that you should have. You don’t want your hands to be sore just to grind your weed. This saves time and makes sure that your weed is all broken down. Buy one that’s very efficient for great and lasting smoking experience.

Marijuana Grinder
Cannabis Grinder

Rolling Papers

Sometimes, you’d want to roll up. This calls for high quality rolling papers matched with filters and a sturdy tray. Most manufacturers have them in packages. A complete set will go a long way.

A Lighter

How will you smoke without a lighter? You can choose any brand that you prefer. There are also lots of different designs and colors to choose from. But the most important tip to remember is to never use a white one. Almost all people who smoke weed are familiar with the legend behind it. They said Bob Marley died using a white one and though it’s a myth, I’m sure you don’t want to take that risk.

Honey Blunt
Lighting up honey blunt

One Hitter

This is something that you need when you’re on the go. Sometimes, you just need to take a hit. Often disguised as a cigarette, this marijuana accessory is very helpful. It’s discreet but it can definitely satisfy your buds.

Bong Pieces

Glass bongs are much preferred by most smokers. These marijuana accessories are available in all sizes from short, big, tall and small. What matters is its power to send you to the most ideal state of frenzy.

Marijuana Bong
A girl using a bong for smoking marijuana

You don’t have to buy the most expensive brands of marijuana accessories. What’s important is you have some of them so you can maximize your smoking experience. They’re what you need for the ideal high that you’ve been aiming, longing and vying for.