You can call it “pot”, “weed”, “herb”, “hemp”, “reefer” or “cannabis” and a whole bunch of other names, it’s all the same – marijuana. Just recently, when marijuana has been legalized in many states (and still in the process of legalizing in some states), the use for weed has been promoted. While its recreational use has been widespread even before legalizing it, there are a lot of benefits that marijuana actually has.

What’s great about marijuana is its versatility in consuming it – you can smoke, vaporize and even eat (yes, you’ve got that right) weed. The most common way of using it is by smoking a joint. The use of bongs is just one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana and there are a number of reasons why.

What Is A Marijuana Bong?

A bong or water pipe is a type of device that allows you to smoke marijuana by letting the smoke pass through the water in the bong’s container. This process removes the toxic substances and harmful substances that you can inhale when you smoke weed the usual way. Through this water filtration process, you can avoid inhaling potential cancer-causing agents that can irritate your airway and cause a number of health problems. There are a lot of shapes and designs for bong that you can find and they’re made from a wide variety of materials like ceramics, bamboo and glass.

Small bong
Simple and small bong use for marijuana

What’s So Great About Marijuana Bongs?

As mentioned earlier, the usual burning of marijuana when you smoke weed produces a number of harmful substances that can cause respiratory problems and even cancer. These substances include the likes of cytotoxins and benzoapyrene which you can also find in cigarette smoke.

The water located on the base of a bong traps these harmful chemicals and keep it away from you. There are even studies showing that water pipers or bongs trap a whopping amount of 90% of these toxic substances. The water filtration process also removes cytotoxins which are known to weaken the immune system.

This gives you a clean smoke of weed without worrying of the toxins that come along with it. Aside from that, bongs are easy to use, clean and maintain, as well as look quite stylish and dashing with various designs to choose from.

Getting My Own Marijuana Bong

Once you think about buying a marijuana bong, you’re probably thinking, “Where can I get my own bong?” No need to worry as there are a lot of places that you can buy bongs. You can check your neighborhood or city if there are local stores that sell marijuana bongs.

Clean bong
Clean bongs use for marijuana

If not, you can also go online and go to commercial sites that sell bongs. Usually, online stores offer more designs and varieties that you can choose from. The prices are usually range from $10 for the basic ones, while it can reach up to $1500 or even more for the premium quality bongs.

A number of benefits come with the use of marijuana bongs. Sure, it can cost you, but the benefits these equipment bring are plenty. With the variety that you can choose from, be sure to choose one that’s right for you!