Marijuana or cannabis is a very famous as a drug that provides a “high” effect among users, thus giving them a great time.

Even though this drug is well-recognized to be used primarily for medical and recreational purpose, it still has some other functions as well. If you want to find out the other uses for marijuana, you should check out the information below:

Medical Use

The medical uses of marijuana are now starting to turn into facts since it is backed by extensive researches that focus on the subject. Those who oppose to the idea of marijuana being a medical drug are seemingly starting to get speechless about the findings. These studies have proven that the cannabinoids in marijuana can be used to treat several diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, etc.

Marijuana as medicinal
Medical marijuana

After several years, there’s no doubt that scientists will continue to find more diseases which marijuana can treat. There might even be some marijuana pills in which it will be able to handle such a disease. This idea has pushed pharmaceutical companies to finish their research and get hold of the ideal patents for launching this particular drug.

Industrial Use

A lot of people are still unaware that marijuana can also be used industrially. The nature of marijuana tissues can be useful in producing industrial ropes and fibers. Extraction of some marijuana contents can also be used in several other products such as paper and cloth. In fact, a lot of countries are allowing the use of marijuana in their products that the THC content should be kept at minimum to prevent the diversion of marijuana for recreational use.

Hemp Rope
Industrial rope from cannabis

Recreational Use

This use is often compared to alcohol or tobacco consumption. The THC in marijuana is the responsive chemical ingredient which gives anyone who smokes and inhales it the feeling of euphoria. There were also several disputes about the long-term effects of THC in humans.

Recreational cannabis
Recreational marijuana

Even though that a lot of people are still debating over the fact that marijuana can have some harmful effects on the human brain, some states have already legalized marijuana for the sake of recreational use. With that in mind, expect to see that in the near future there will be some emergence of recreational marijuana industries is some parts of the United States,

With all of these uses of marijuana today, there’s no doubt that a lot has changed for it over the years. Even the false claims about the marijuana side effects that some people are giving still remain to be dispelled. Even so, more and more states in the US are starting to make the drug legal in their location as well.