Marijuana is a plant that could be used as a medicine and also a recreational drug. The rapid increase and expansion of marijuana businesses created a wider range of consumers. According to statistics, marijuana is the most popular recreational drug worldwide. Despite the common “matter” being used, differentiating medicinal marijuana from recreational marijuana is quite complex.

Medical Marijuana

The earliest use of marijuana is actually medicinal. It was only exaggerated by those who decided to make use of it for personal satisfaction and experience. Early Chinese and Indian medical procedures include marijuana in treating arthritis and painful illness. The two-sided stories behind marijuana’s effects are confusing people whether they are taking the medicinal marijuana or the recreational ones. In medical marijuana, there is a limit or certain dosage for a specific patient or illness. It also includes thorough experiments and procedures, even the way it’s packaged and delivered to you is in a medical framework and appearance.

Marijuana as medicinal
Medical marijuana

It is true that one of the common effects of marijuana is getting you “high” or giving you a feel of fake elation, this is a common benefit given to both the recreational and medicinal users. The difference there would be the effect depending on the usage; medicinal marijuana’s euphoria is often used to decrease pain and to relax the mind. Contrary to false “facts” being circulated, not all marijuana can get you “high”. All cannabis types might have THC but on different levels, some however contain more CBD (cannabidiol) who have good medicinal effects but does not affect brain activity as much as THC does.

Recreational Marijuana

There exist a thin line dividing recreational users and self-medicated patients. When it comes to an individual’s use of drugs – especially those who decide to use marijuana without the proper consent from a specialist. It should always be a reminder that different methods used in inducing marijuana has different level of effects and a little may go a long way. It is understandable that others might just want to use it for therapeutic purposes or feel relax, but high dosage would make you a recreational user.

Recreational cannabis
Recreational marijuana

As the marijuana market expands uncontrollably, the population of recreational users is increasing too. These booze smokers are one of the reasons why legalization of marijuana is difficult to push through to some states. Its existence had become a subject of debate for medical professionals and policymakers. Up to this date, it still remains a question whether it would be possible for marijuana to exist without causing harm especially to one’s health and growth. Some specialists explain that recreational marijuana is fine as long as it is not used in an abusive manner.

Separation of medical users from recreational users could also be determined by their reasons. Unlike medical prescribed ones, recreationalists does not have a certain schedule, dosage or timeline to follow; they are using it freely without limit and not even knowing when to stop. While patients being medically treated by marijuana are using it to avoid illness, recreational users are welcoming themselves to harm.

Marijuana is a “matter” unknown to its own existence, for recreation or medical purpose, it is all up to the user.