Due to weed’s popularity and medical benefits, people are always looking for ways on how to consume it the easier way. For those people who don’t smoke and prefer weed being mixed with what they eat or drink or either way, it can now be possible.


Marijuana smoking is the most basic form of how you can take weed. Smoking can be made possible by using pipes and bongs. DIY pipes or commercially made pipes may be used or cigarette-like joints and blunts can be preferable too. Methods of how to smoke weeds also differ with preparation of the plant before use, what part of the plant is used and the treatment of the smoke before inhalation.

Using marijuana
Basic use of marijuana is by smoking

At early times, in some parts of Africa, they consume weed by laying a pile of it on fire and they would just inhale the smoke. That doesn’t require much of your effort, right? It’s not applicable with indoors though or just about anywhere. Precious substances will only mix with air and the ones you’ll be inhaling can’t even do anything – waste of time and money.


To effectively consume the medical benefits weeds have to offer, mixing it in food is the best way to take weed. However, it must first undergo sufficient process of heating or decarboxylation to preserve its psychoactive effect before cooking.

One of the best examples of food-infused weed with highly concentrated beneficial cannabinoids is the cannabutter. It substitutes normal butter to any kind of cooking.

Cannabis Brownie
Freshly baked marijuana brownie

Through smoking, THC and other cannabinoids can be lost through inhaling and exhaling. Unlike taking it in orally, all active constituents will enter the body and the long time effect will vary.

In the long run, for recreational purposes, eating might be the best way to take weed because you’ll be less likely to get arrested for a cake than a hash pipe.


Your options are quite limited when consuming weed by means of drinking. Weed is not water soluble; it should undergo a process first before it can be mixed with any drink. Infusing it with tea can be the easiest way by boiling it if you have cannabutter – a butter based solution with weed as its main ingredient.

Mixing it with alcohol can also be possible. Let your stems and seeds soak in the alcohol for a week then strain it. Then put your liquor back to a bottle and consume as desired.

Boba Tea marijuana
Another way of using marijuana is by infusing with drinks

Others may leave it for a year or more, because the longer it will sit, the greater THC it will absorb. Some people would also say that leaving it at a longer period of time will lose potential substances you needed. Everything will just depend on learning from your own experiences and experimenting won’t hurt you, it will even teach you more.

Taking in weed depends on your liking. Do keep in mind that making your own food and drink infused with weed can be very cautious.