There are some people who plan on growing marijuana indoors but most of them don’t have the budget for it. But the good thing about it is that there is an alternative way of creating marijuana grow room setup without the need for you to spend too much. This is something that can benefit for people who aspires to become a marijuana farmer.

Before you even start on setting up a grow room, you should be familiar about the materials and equipment to buy. The marijuana plant needs water, light and CO2 for it to grow on a right manner. As for the temperature, it needs to be on a controlled manner to ensure that bacteria won’t grow on it. For the best harvest, there is a need for you to understand the different fertilizers to use and which one can be best for your plant.

So here is a list on the important items that are recommended for marijuana grow room setup:


For the items that you will buy, the light is probably the most important and most expensive one. There is a need for you to purchase a light that is a 600-watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light. On average, this light will cost you at around $30 but once it’s time for harvest, this will just pay for itself.

Flourescent lights for cannabis
Flourescent lights

An experienced marijuana grower can yield up to 21oz of the plant just by using only a single HPS 600-watt light. This can be perfect if you are on a tight budget but for an inexperienced buyer with a cheap set up then the maximum yield is only up to 8oz with one HPS 600-watt light for 3 months. If you want, you can also use a fluorescent light but take note that this alternative will only provide you with less harvest.


All green plants need to use water, light energy and CO2 to produce energy in sugar form for its growth. For your grow room setup, use a CO2 tank with regulator or a ventilation system to refresh the air that enters. You can try placing a fan in front of the air-inlet and create an opening so that the warm air can have something to escape to.

Carbon Dioxide
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide


It is important that you don’t let the temperature drop below 64 and not higher than 86 while 77 is the perfect number. The temperature is important for you to look out for since the HPS light can easily make the temperature in the room to rise up. It is also important to take note about the space in the grow room to prevent the plants from getting too close and prevent the temperature from rising up.

Perfect climate for grow room setup
Perfect climate for growing marijuana


For this, it’s okay if you use a regular tap water. In any case, drinkable water for humans can be safe for marijuana as well. For experienced marijuana growers, they use water that has a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and EC between 1.8 and 2.2. You can also use some Nitrogen during the growth phase of the plant and some N-P-K during the flowering phase.

Water supply for grow room setup
Enough water supply for growing marijuana