Growing marijuana is a fulfilling endeavor, offering numerous advantages. For one, you could get your hands on a strain that is not available in local dispensaries. By choosing the right products, you could ensure that the plants are free of contamination. Recovering the investment is also possible the first time you harvest the buds. So, what do you need to get started?

Indoor Marijuana Growing
Indoor Marijuana Growing

Things You Need To Get Started Growing Marijuana Indoors

The preparation needed can be complicated or straightforward, depending on your preference. As a beginner, you want to start with the basics. As you gain more experience over time, you could then progress to more elaborate setups.

1. Legal Matters

Not all states allow the use or cultivation of marijuana. Before even thinking about growing, the first thing you need to do is to check the local regulations and obtain the necessary documents.

Keep in mind, too, that the regulations change constantly. It behooves you to stay updated, thus avoiding penalties and prosecution.

2. Grow Tent

The best way to get started is to buy a grow tent instead of using a spare room or an unused cabinet. It has everything you need, in as far as space is concerned. More importantly, you can control environmental factors better. Adjusting temperature, humidity, air circulation, ventilation, and keeping pests away is less troublesome.

Cannabis grow tent
Indoor marijuana grow tent

In most states where growing marijuana at home is allowed, you can plant up to 6 plants. A 60″ x 60″ grow tent should be enough. These brands, though, also have other sizes available.

3. Soil Mix

The soil mix does not only anchors the plants, but it is also where the roots could find and absorb nutrients. Investing in a high-quality growing medium, therefore, is essential to healthy growth. These easy-to-use products contain all the essential nutrients and have consistently provided excellent results.

4. Nutrient

At some point during the vegetative stage, you will need to provide nutrients to the plants. Some strains need more, other less. Regardless, as long as they receive enough, then you can expect the plants to thrive. All that means is that during the flowering period, you can expect a massive production of trichomes.

Cannabis trichomes
Trichomes from Cannabis

5. Digital pH Meter

You may have the best growing medium and the most advanced nutrient mix, but if the roots cannot absorb sustenance, then that is terrible news for the plants – and you. So, one of the most common mistakes made by beginners is failing to maintain optimal pH. Hence, you do need to have a tester and use it regularly, making adjustments as necessary.

6. Container

You would need a container in which to fill with the soil mix. There are plenty of options – types and sizes. For starters, you may opt to use standard pots.

Indoor container
Indoor container for marijuana

A better choice, though, is to use smart pots, also called fabric pots. These pots are beginner-friendly in that you are not likely to overwater plants. Furthermore, it prevents root-bound, in which the roots outgrow the container and stops growing.

7. Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

The importance of maintaining optimal temperature and humidity can never be overstated. Fall out of range in either two, and it leads to problems. Excessive heat, for example, stunts growth. Too much moisture, meanwhile, causes molds to grow.

8. Fan

Making sure that fresh air is brought into the grow tent is critical to the success of growing the plants. At the same time, warm air should be expelled, thus preventing a build-up of excessive heat. The best way to do that is to install an inline duct fan. For a 60″ x 60″ grow tent, 6″ fans can do the job. Of course, you would need to consult the manufacturer’s recommendation based on the size of the tent you chose.

Fan for cannabis
Fan for marijuana plants

9. Grow Light

The best artificial light for your marijuana plants is HID. These are powerful lamps that provide sufficient light intensity so that the plants can grow at maximum speed, developing to its full potential. They do emit a lot of heat, which is why adequate ventilation is needed. Fortunately, LED has made a lot of headway into this niche and can produce comparable results with less heat. Not to mention, a lower electricity bill too.

For a 60″ x 60″ grow tent housing up to six plants, you could pick a grow light that ranges from 600 to 1000 watts – the higher, the better.

Full Customization Setting Up An Indoor Garden

You do not have to have all these things on growing marijuana indoors. Some people can make do with a closet, planting 1 to 2 plants. In this case, the investment is considerably less. You could also pick a smaller grow tent – or a much larger one, depending on how you want to grow.

Indoor marijuana
Indoor marijuana set up

In most states, the limit is 6 plants inside the house. In others, planting up to 12 plants may be possible, depending on the number of adults living in the house.

When thinking about the things you need to begin growing marijuana inside the house, the most important consideration is the needs of the plants. As long as you can provide the right growing medium and nutrients, and control the environment, such as temperature, humidity, and pH, you should be on your way to harvesting tons of potent buds.