Imagine of the stash of weed seeds you recently bought as your pot of gold. This will help you get a hold on why starting small in the marijuana -growing business promises to be of great help to you in the long run. The marijuana small grow tent experience is an important big step in starting small as a cannabis crop caretaker and future cartel chief!

Lack Of Space. Let’s face it. You haven’t rented a bigger apartment yet or your room in your parents’ still doesn’t fit the bill to try building an indoor grow room. So why not try a small grow tent first for your weed seeds? A utility tent which is generally available at hardware and clothing stores should start you really quick for your initial small grow tent experience as a beginning marijuana grower.

Cannabis Grow Room growing mistakes
A Model of Cannabis Grow Room

Note: Whatever small space you are planning for your weed seeds, make sure you take full consideration of the lighting, fresh air and electricity needed to set the small grow tent to a T.

Light Is Right. This means that a good grow tent for your weed seeds should be a light-proof tent. The inside must be of bright white color but the outside must be black or other dark color so that the light trapped inside the small grow tent will be maximized to its full potential as your weed seeds ray of life for their season of germination and growth.

As a beginning and “light-weight” marijuana grower, it is best to consult experienced growers in this field of choosing the material for your grow tent. A reflective material called mylar is best recommended.

Note: Do not buy a tent made of PVC because PVC releases toxic fumes.

Wood Is Good. If you’re a bit on the tight end of the budget, you might try building a small grow tent for your weed seeds out of wood.

A Fresh “AIR” Of Experience For You. As a beginning marijuana grower, you have to take serious consideration of the airflow or ventilation when your cannabis small grow tent is already in operation. This means that you have to spend some time and money in buying the most suitable fan for your grow tent which will put into place the proper germination of your weed seeds. This fresh “air” of experience will open the door for you on the basic step of actually caring for and nurturing your “budding” business.

In Another Light. Another thing about lighting, it is best to use the environment-friendly LEDs which are available in the market since the usual CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) may not be a good example of being discreet in your line of business. Weed seeds are plants and since plants are parts of nature, it is well-advised to keep your options open as a beginning marijuana grower and keep your weed seeds climate-friendly.

Small grow tent
Marijuana small grow tent

The Seeds Of Growth. With pots and soil ready, you must always be prepared to ask for the help of others who have more experience in weed seeds and small grow tents or even in growing indoor and outdoor cannabis crops.

These helpful experts will be able to give you some tips and guide you during the different stages of the growth of your weed seeds such as the vegetative state, the flowering stage, spotting a male and female plant, the use of fertilizers and other nutrients, as well as the most important part of your marijuana small grow tent experience – the harvest!

Enough said already! It’s time to test your small grow tent! And remember, in the weed seeds business, starting small is a big step for your “budding” ambition!