Marijuana or cannabis sativa has always been perceived as a plant growing in a soiled system. But don’t you know that you can grow cannabis without the soil and even increase its yield? Yes, there is such a method called hydroponic weed growing.

Marijuana seedling in hydroponics method

Walk Before You Crawl, Float Before You Swim

For the first time that you will grow hydroponic weed, you must at least know and understand the basics of traditional marijuana growing (we are referring, of course, to indoor growing). Growing weed in water may be because you want to increase the yield which you cannot get from traditional pot growing or may be because it’s the experimental bug which has bitten you and you would want to try your hand at hybrid pot planting. Either way, the same rule applies – learn the basics before going to the advanced method of growing hydroponic weed.

Budget The Hydroponic Setup

Online research will reveal that the costing for growing hydroponic weed will fall in the range of 300-500 US dollars easy. You can consult your marijuana seed and equipment suppliers to give you a breakdown of the ROI. After all, your venture to grow hydroponic weed is still what it is, an investment. Do not be afraid to ask the important questions to your suppliers and to ask for advice from experts who will share with you the basic do’s and don’ts of growing hydroponic weed without bogging you down with all the technical details and boring stuff.

Cannabis grow tent
Indoor marijuana grow tent

The Water Weed Ways

Growing hydroponic weed has the following basic requirements – the weed seeds, the paint for your tent or room, hydroponic vitamins and nutrients, pots and planting tools, a potting medium ideal for hydroponic growing, the lighting system, a working timer system and basic tests for your weed seeds.

After The Basics, The Nurturing Stage

Most expert marijuana growers say that the more important part of the hydroponic weed growing process is the nurturing. They contend that a beginning grower can more or less give the basic stage of planting pot to his supportive and knowledgeable friend or sympathizer. But during the nurturing stage, the beginning hydroponic weed grower will actually have his hands full.

After being in the sidelines while your more knowledgeable friend or peer helped you with the initial stages of your weed growing, you must also realize the importance of the nurturing stage in hydroponic weed growing.

Coco coir mix with regular soil
Coco Coir in mini shovel

When the pot is already transplanted to the hydroponic potting medium (such as coco coir). The beginning grower must water the plants with water filled with hydroponic vitamins and nutrients whenever the top of the coco coir turns dry.

Ask your expert help what stages of the hydroponic weed growing will need more care. This is also vital since there certain steps on how to know if the marijuana plant is ready to take the next stage (for example, from vegetative to flowering). Another important note in growing weed in water is to learn to recognize male from female buds.

Experts understand when and how to harvest and cure hydroponic weed. It is best, therefore, that you as a beginning grower must be always on-call so that you will learn and master every step on how to grow hydroponic weed.