It comes in the life of a marijuana grower when the supply of marijuana seems to be insufficient. When the cannabis plants grow weary and tired, it then becomes a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Let’s face it – raising marijuana isn’t a cheap business. There are a lot of things that you need to spend on namely the grow tent or grow box to raise your plants indoors, the electric bills that you can incur, the water bills that add up and a whole lot more.

Diseases are annoying when it comes to cannabis plants and here are some of the most common cannabis diseases with easy solutions.

Boron Deficiency

While rare, cannabis plants can get boron deficiency. This cannabis disease is due to a problem in the soil’s pH which hinders the nutrient capacity for the cannabis plants. Boron deficiency often leads to abnormal colors of the leaves and slows down the growth and development of the cannabis plant. The tips may not even grow properly, dying out early. The roots are also affected with unhealthy growth and the stems of the cannabis plant may become hollow. Do note that boron deficiency can come with other nutritional deficiencies.

pH Level Soil
pH Level Cannabis Soil

Controlling the pH of the soil is important in solving boron deficiency in cannabis plants. If you think that your plants have boron deficiency, then it’s time to flush out your system with water with adequate pH and contains cannabis-friendly nutrients. After a couple of days, you’ll start to see the difference.

Copper Deficiency

Known best as a conductor, copper is a mineral that’s also needed by cannabis plants. This cannabis disease results in the curling back of the leaves and unusual dark coloring of the leaves. Similar with calcium, copper is a low-mobile nutrient for plants.

Solving copper deficiency in cannabis is simple and easy. It’s similar to other nutrient deficiency problems which are by balancing the pH of the soil through flushing the entire system with water. After a couple of days, you can see the difference in your plants’ growth as this cannabis disease is resolved.

There you go, some of the common cannabis diseases with easy solutions you should take note of.

Calcium Deficiency

Compared to boron deficiency, calcium deficiency in cannabis plants are easier to detect. Shown as black, burn-like markings on the leaves, calcium deficiency can become a serious problem if you don’t take care of it as soon as possible. But don’t worry – calcium deficiency is relatively common among the new growth of plants because calcium moves slowly inwards to the plants because of its molecule size. As such, calcium deficiency is often accompanied by other nutritional deficiencies like boron, nitrogen, and magnesium.

Cannabis problem
Cannabis plant diseases

There are two ways to solve calcium deficiency in plants – supplying additional calcium supplements for plants or balancing the pH in the soil. Typically, a soil that’s too acidic or too alkaline can cause calcium deficiency because it hinders the absorption of nutrients. What you need to do is flush out the system with water to balance the pH. You can also use nutrients that contain calcium for your plants to provide additional nutrition.