Lowryder seeds are considered as the ground-breaking autoflowering cannabis seeds which were developed to adapt for high yield in a relatively short growth period. It traces its roots to auto flowering cannabis varieties, prefers unique growing methods and is one of the most popular kinds of marijuana seeds in the market today.

Lowryder Autoflower
Lowryder Autoflower

Brief History

While most of the stories behind lowryder are word-of-mouth and anecdotal, it is worthy to note the most popular ones. One such story, of course, is the marijuana strain brought and bred by The Joint Doctor, considered as the original large scale auto flowering seeds marketer. The story goes on to say that lowryder seeds have their origin from a Mexican strain containing the cannabis ruderalis genes. Another story states that lowryder seeds came from Finland. While these stories are highly-rated in popularity, they are still very much up for debate.

Low & Powerful

The characteristics of lowryder seeds are powerfully “high” and physically “low.” First, lowryder seeds have a rapid cycle of growth which does away with the vegetative growth stage. This means lowryder seeds go to the flowering stage in less time, with claims from experienced growers that their cannabis seeds grew from “seed to bud” in an average of merely 8 weeks.

Second, of course, lowryder seeds grow with an average height of 12 inches and are considered stealth especially in thick outdoor forage or flora setting. Lowryders are considered as having the shortest height in the marijuana kingdom. But do not let the shortness fool you. An average lowryder seed plant which is kept in a small peat cup by the window may yield as little as 1 gram and may not grow taller than 6 inches, but it yields multiple harvests.

Advantages of Lowryder Seeds

Growers have listed down some of the obvious advantages of these auto flowering cannabis seeds. Primary advantages include, among others, brief growth rate, ideal for covert breeding, 2-3 weeks flowering because of the Mexican Rudy (cannabis ruderalis) strain, no vegetative stage to complicate breeding, simple yet prolific seed production, adaptive in cold weather conditions with a short window for daylight, can be grown in an urban setting with artificial lighting conditions and can be reaped as much as (or better than) your regular marijuana seeds.

Some Factors for Growth of Lowryder Seeds

Lowryder seeds prefer their own unique growth methods, whether indoors or outdoors. For instance, in indoor growing, lowryder seeds do well in pots or beds but they are fine as well in soil-less systems. Their versatility promises growers to do experimental activities which will make the yield of the auto flowering seeds better.

Marijuana pot grow
Marijuana growing on pot

In an outdoor setting, it is best to place lowryder seeds in a plot which is inconspicuous but safe. They are so stealth-like that even growers tend to forget they have to check out their lowryders for the latest harvest.

Depending on light and other factors, a lowryder yields an average of up to 45 grams. The quality, of course, does not suffer since these cannabis seeds are still considered powerful by industry standards.

So, all in all, lowryder seeds may be physically “low” in stature, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to the quantity and quality of their yield. In the end, you as a grower will be riding “high” on this!