So you need to use the internet and check out the latest weed seeds online, how do you do it? Preference may range from being aroused by your own curiosity, being the average user or as a beginning or experienced marijuana grower. The thing is, as a pot patron, you have to be wary and keep an eye on some of the best and/or inexpensive weed seeds online, as well as knowing some tips on buying cannabis through the web.

The three main sorts of weed seeds online are categorized as: the regular seeds, the auto flowering seeds and the feminized seeds. Some sites add the special category of medical seeds just to distinguish it from their recreational stuff.

High Quality Seeds
High Quality Marijuana Seeds

There is another way of categorizing weed seeds online. A unique approach is by separating weed seeds in as many sub-categories which may be in line with the more popular preference or demand of most users and growers.

For instance, some weed seeds online offer a range of cannabis in the category of seed specials or those high-quality but inexpensive deals. Some weed seeds are segregated as indoor and outdoor categories. Others are listed as those which have won Cannabis Cup and other awards. Still, other weed websites offer their own unique listings to carry their own bud brands.

Weed Seeds Online – Indoor

Some of the weed seeds offered here are:

  • Big Buddha’s The Cheese – a rare plant from the UK which is recognized as the most popular strain in the indoor cannabis underground scene of the British lands. It has that old school taste, which may be ideal for those seeking enlightenment.
  • AK47 Seeds – easy to grow, easy to fire away.
AK47 Marijuana Strain
AK47 Marijuana Strain

Weed Seeds Online – Outdoor

Cannabis seeds sold online carry some of the more popular titles such as:

  • 8 Miles High Seeds – highly-uplifting fragrant weed seeds sold online. Easy to grow and has no requirements except that prospective buyers have to be prepared to go to the clouds on this one.
  • Amsterdam Flame Seeds – using Indica genetics, these weed seeds trace their roots back to marijuana’s mother manufacturing country. With the yuletide season just around the corner, the shape of the plant of these weed seeds online remind us of the Christmas tree, with all the nice trimmings.
Amsterdam Flame Marijuana
Amsterdam Flame Marijuana Strain

Some weed seeds online use special categories like the medical marijuana category to distinguish their products from recreational marijuana. Some of the medical weed seeds online are:

  • Royal Medic – the name itself rescues user-patients with its new hybrid strain known for its medicinal effects.
  • Painkiller XL – these weed seeds online are state-of-the-art medicinal marijuana darlings. They boast of being a pot package for patients with psychological, spiritual and medicinal benefits.
Painkiller XL-Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Painkiller XL Feminized Marijuana Strain

Some Tips on Buying Weed Seeds Online

  • Keep your privacy private.
  • Background check the weed website first, before going any further.
  • The ideal practice of purchasing weed seeds online is to use a business credit card with a business address. This minimizes unnecessary risks and adds discreetness to the transaction.
  • Credit card information is more secured online nowadays. Buying weed seeds online must be done with confidence and trust to build a “high” vendor-vendee relationship.
  • Never order weed seeds online without proper logistics setup.
  • Always use a public email address. This avoids unnecessary complications like hacking, spamming and those nasty unethical things some people do online.
  • Be patient. Ordering weed seeds online is supposed to be a private and secured transaction.

With these tips and other things besides, you are now ready to transact weed seeds online. Click on that mouse and start lighting up the internet joint!