Aspiring marijuana cultivators often give up their hopes after failing from their early attempts. Growing weed is not a breeze, but when one is armed with the proper information, it wouldn’t be as hard. For first-time growers, this is a lot to take in. There are a lot of preparations and considerations before one can get started. It is however important to keep in mind that the same goes true for almost all goals and activities that a person wants to embark in. The most basic thing to reflect on is the type of marijuana seeds to use.

Germinated cannabis seed
Germinated cannabis seed showing its roots

Most beginners use the seeds from marijuana they bought. This is not the most ideal way to acquire them primarily because you don’t know where the seeds are from. Most frequently, the plant grew in an unfavorable environment and they are actually low-quality marijuana. These will not do a first-time grower any good. You need to find seeds that are worth growing. The best marijuana seeds for beginners should be able to produce a large yield with stability, short flowering time and vigor.

The Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

Before finally coming to a decision on what type of seeds to use, you must have background knowledge. There are seed types that best grow indoors and there are those that are ideal to be grown outdoors.

Grow room lights
Grow Room Lights for Cannabis

Indoor seeds use various lighting systems and though they can be convenient for those with limited space, they are not as potent as ones grown outdoors. Based on strain and purpose, there are Indica and Sativa Marijuana seeds.

If your goal is to address depression and anxiety, then you can grow Indica seeds. Sativa, on the other hand, are used for the treatment of chronic pains. Lastly, seeds can also be qualified according to their growth type. The most stable is the regular type which can yield both male and female marijuana plants. The feminized type produces only female plants when they mature and the auto-flowering seeds are ones that produces flowers even when daylight hours are not reduced.

The Best Seeds for Beginners

Skunk #1 Feminized seeds from the Feminized strain thrives in a sunny and Mediterranean environment. It has a short flowering period of approximately 45-50 days and is 65% Indica. Both its stems and branches are strong which makes it ideal for its plentiful yields.

White Skunk is also popular among beginning growers for its affordability. It is loved because of its aroma, potency, convenience and quality. It’s also very reliable as it is a regular strain.

Green cannabis
Greener marijuana

Super Skunk is super as it name implies. Its best feature as a hybrid is its dependability in all aspects. It is consistent in structure, easy to maintain, vigorous and potent.

There are lots of weed strains and the long list can be overwhelming for the first time grower. You must be able to tell authentic seeds from fake ones. Choose the type of marijuana seed that suits your lifestyle. Remember that a tough start is reassurance that you are getting somewhere in this venture. Also keep in mind that it is enough to grow the most ideal type of seed, knowing how to nurture them properly is equally important.