Easy Pot, Easy Grow: How to Grow Pot with a “Green” Thumb

how to grow pot

Beginning marijuana growers often ask the pot experts what their secret is in growing weed that is both high in yield and in quality. Should a neophyte cannabis grower have a “green” thumb to make his pot-growing dreams be bountiful and fulfilling?

Really, is there some hidden code or magic recipe on how to grow pot?

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Some say it’s easy pot, easy grow. Either you have it or you don’t. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the most common and easiest ways to grow pot and other things related to it.

Home is where the hemp is.

Growing pot at home is the ideal starting point for any beginning pot grower. It only takes little effort and time than finding a suitable outdoor location which may be an out-of-the-way farm or an old abandoned garden on the far side of the town. Anyway, home is where the hemp is and you can also drum up the necessary tech and moral support for your first baby steps to grow pot.

Indoor growing is the thing.

The first concrete step you should take as a beginning pot grower is to learn everything you need to know about marijuana indoor growing. From the type of seeds compatible with your geographic location, the pots and other planting supplies needed like the tent, lighting and ventilation equipment required for your cannabis crops. It is well-advised that you either have a supportive friend or loved one who has basic knowledge about marijuana growing on hand or a good easy-to-understand instructional book. You can even have both, just to be sure.

How much starting capital?

Well, cannabis is a capital crop, which means the means to grow pot will cost more than your regular decorative flower garden or fishbowl display. The usual costs range around 300 US dollars, but these will vary depending on some of your preferences. Tips on how to grow pot are all over the internet, so it is also ideal to make your fingers first do the walking for you.

How do I grow pot if I don’t know where to get my weed seeds?

This is not a problem anymore. More and more weed websites are offering many sales and bargains of their top-of-the-line seeds. In fact, you can choose the cannabis seeds to grow depending on how much effort, time and budget you want as input to your endeavor to grow marijuana indoors.

More “How” questions: How do I increase yield? How do I grow pot privately?

For increasing the yield of your pot crops, experts advise for a practical approach to the question. This means, a beginning pot grower must learn on the go. Growing his small cannabis indoor plantation will need a lot of practical experience, which eventually will transform as first-hand knowledge and, hopefully, skill.

In the meantime, growing pot privately can be consulted to your weed seeds sellers or your supportive friends and loved ones in the know about marijuana indoor grow. Why? It is because they can share their insights on how to grow pot privately or discreetly without the danger of stunting the growth and yield of your pot crops.

Indeed, some beginning pot growers may tend to see marijuana indoor growing as easy pot, easy grow. But the most ideal thing to do is to prepare yourself as a neophyte marijuana grower by arming yourself with the basic knowledge and support system needed for you to know and understand how to grow pot with as much ease and enjoyment.