Sometimes, it is not enough that you plant your cannabis plant at the right time, water them religiously, expose them to sunlight and keep insects, pests, animals and diseases away from them. Yes you may get a good yield but what will guarantee that you will have a healthy and huge marijuana buds is the use of cannabis fertilizers.

Flowering Cannabis
Healthy Flowering Cannabis Plant

I will tell you what fertilizers are the best to use for your cannabis plant.


This has to be one of the cheapest but effective cannabis fertilizers of all time! The human urine contains a large amount of nitrogen and this nitrogen can be used as a booster to help with the production of the leaves and stem of your cannabis plant. Nitrogen can also be a big help to the growth of your marijuana plant during the summer months.

Nitrogen urea found in human urine has been used for growing a healthy cannabis plants for many, many years now. But don’t go peeing on your marijuana plant just yet! It does not work that way. Urinating directly to your plants or on the soil of your plants may kill it instead of helping it grow. What you have to do is dilute the urine in water first. By mixing the urine in water solution, the formation of harmful ammonia will be prevented.

Wood Ash

If you live near the woods, this may be a good fertilizer since you already have a good resource because the soil there may have a high acid content. Cannabis may not be able to tolerate that growing medium so you would need to deacidify the soil.

Wood Ash Cannabis Fertilizer
Wood Ashes as Cannabis Fertilizer

Plain wood ashes will help you if you are having this kind of problem. All you have to do is blend about one shovelful of plain wood ash to five gallons of water and wet your soil medium with it.

Vermiculite and Perlite

These two are commercial fertilizers that are pellet type. They can be used for marijuana that are grown using a soil medium or for those that are being grown hydroponically. It causes minerals to be able to expand and to be porous. As a result, it enables them to absorb more amounts of water and air and they also keep the soil dense.

Vermiculite and Perlite for Cannabis
Vermiculite and Perlite

It also provides calcium, magnesium and potassium that is absorbed by the soil over the time to nourish the roots.

Marijuana Grow Booster

This is another commercial product available in the market today to help you grow a healthy and high-yielding cannabis plant. This commercial fertilizer has about twenty percent of nitrogen that is highly concentrated extracted from organic sources. It also has phosphorus which is a very important ingredient for your marijuana plant to have healthy and strong root system.

Marijuana Roots
Healthy Marijuana Roots

A healthy root is needed by every plant so it can absorb more water and nutrients that are important for the growth of a healthy plant. This Grow Booster also contains potassium which can help your plant to have a strong and healthy natural immunity.