Nothing in this world is perfect and that includes the magical weed called marijuana. Over the course of years, marijuana has become a valuable resource and with the recent legalization of the use of marijuana, it has become a breakthrough to a groundbreaking practice that has been going on for decades. However, marijuana doesn’t come cheap and if you’re consuming marijuana on a regular basis, you should know how to identify high quality marijuana from the bottom of the barrel.

Green Is Equal To Quality

First off is the most obvious sign of high quality weed – color. The best kind of weed comes in varieties of green, usually in deep green color but it depends on the strain of marijuana. You should stay away from stale colors or even weed that has gone brown because that’s equivalent to marijuana growing bad. Sure, you won’t get food poisoned or what but you won’t get high enough or you might not get high at all if you smoke this kind of weed. You end up wasting money and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

Green cannabis
Greener marijuana

Less Twigs, The Better

What gets you high is the THC content in marijuana which can be found in the buds of the weed. Seeing a lot of twigs and broken branches in your weed supply isn’t a good thing since you’ll end up burning and smoking useless pieces of wood that won’t get you high at all. This just adds to the bulk and weight of a weed pack, swindling your money in a way. Look for weed that has lesser twigs since you know you’ll be getting high in no time.

Getting High With Crystals

Let’s get straight to the point – get weed that has more crystals. If you want to get high fast, then getting weed that has more crystals found on its buds are important. Smoking this kind of weed will help you relax because of the concentrated THC content here and you’re sure to get your money’s worth by getting these kinds of weed.

Cannabis trichomes
Trichomes from Cannabis

Not Too Wet, Not Too Dry

A good rule of thumb to keep when it comes to choosing high quality marijuana is to choose only the weed that’s not too wet and not too dry. Too difficult to follow? When you see it for yourself, it’s actually a lot easier to do. That’s because weed that’s too wet may not give its effects in time, only ending up burning a good amount. However, weed that’s too dry may just end up burning too fast. Choose something in between and make sure to feel the texture of the weed too.

Experience is the best weapon when it comes to choosing the best kind of weed. You should train your eyes to be sharp and discerning when it comes to getting high quality marijuana since you won’t be getting the best all of the time. Hopefully, these tips have helped you to know how to identify good weed when you buy your supply.