There are a lot of marijuana growers who opt to use a grow room instead of planting their crops outdoor. It is more convenient especially for those who live in crowded places where hiding something like a little marijuana plantation is hard. But using a grow room would require much more effort and time compared to growing them outdoors. You have to make use of grow lights and you have to consider some factors like the grow room temperature.

Grow Marijuana Plants Indoors
Growing Marijuana Indoors Setup

Grow Room Temperature

We often don’t mind the temperature of where our plants are growing but did you know that a grow room’s temperature is very essential in the growth of your cannabis? It affects the photosynthesis of your plant. If your grow room has a low temperature, it is going to reduce the evaporation through the leaves which could affect the ability of the roots to suck nutrients.

The nutrients that were not absorbed by the roots would stay in the growing medium and these nutrients will eventually make the growing medium acidic. High acidity can reduce the ability of the roots to work, then the plant will absorb less water and nutrients and the plant’s grow could even halt.

A grow room’s temperature may just seem like a small thing at first but it could cause a serious consequence to the growth of your plants. It is therefore very important that your grow room has a good and suitable climate for your marijuana crops.

The Grow Room’s Climate

There are different factors that can affect the temperature of your grow room like where your grow room is located, the size of the room, the type and number of lights and grow lights you have in there and the airflow. You should remember and consider those factors when you decide to make your own grow room.

Grow room lights
Grow Room Lights for Cannabis

When the lights are on, the ideal temperature for your cannabis seeds and cutting is ranging from 68ºF to 77ºF or 20ºC to 25ºC but as the plants begin to mature, the temperature may be increased to a maximum of 82ºF or 28ºC.

When the lights are turned off, the temperature should be between 62 and 72ºF or 17 and 22ºC. The difference on the temperature of your grow room during the day and night should not be too high, there should only be a maximum difference of 10º Celsius.

Measuring Your Grow Room’s Temperature

You can use a thermometer in getting your grow room’s temperature. Analog and digital thermometers can be used and you can buy them everywhere. It would be better if you get a thermometer that has a built-in memory so you can track the minimum and maximum temperature of your grow room.

Grow Room Temperature
Measuring Grow Room Temperature

Measure the room’s temperature at different spots and always measure them on shade and not where the light hits directly, this may give you a false reading. You should also make sure that there is a good airflow in the room since the plants also need enough carbon dioxide in order for them to survive.