There are two strains of marijuana plant in the market, the cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. These two varieties of these plants vary both in the effects and the physical aspects of the plant.

Cannabis plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The location and the method of growing the marijuana plants depend on the growers of it and the type of cannabis plant to be planted.

Cannabis Sativa is the type of marijuana plant best suited for outdoor planting. Growing for around 20 feet tall, these plants needs all the space the outdoors can offer.

Growing marijuana outdoors subjects to the changing environment. Growers have less control over the situation on the whole duration of the planting process.

A marijuana plant that grows in the wild only depends on what nature has to offer. Cannabis plants have many needs and sensitive to change especially in the early stage of its life. The harvest from the plant is also affected by the early stage development of the plant.

The marijuana plant shown in the video is planted in a setting where it looks like it was in the wind. The flowing water from a small stream and the vast field of grass the surrounds the plant also projects the same.

One to four weeks before harvest time, the marijuana plant in the video looks healthy and well taken care of. Despite the weeds that grow around it, the cannabis plant looks good and not deprived of nutrients.

The color of the leaves and state of the buds of the marijuana plants are what signal the kind of harvest the grower may have. The plants in the video have green leaves and good buds. The tips and buds are perfectly grown and it more than less project a good yield in the future.

Few weeks from when the video is taken, the grower will now receive the fruits of his labor.