Game Cigars by Garcia y Vega is an ultra-popular tobacco brand known for its variety of irresistible flavors, terrific aroma, and unbeatable pricing. Not only a go-to for cigar lovers, its fresh, excellent-quality natural wrapper is also a massive hit amongst blunt rollers. The shell has the mellow sweetness and spice of tobacco and is surprisingly slow-burning – traits that go well with weed smoking. Want to learn how to roll your game blunt like a pro? Have your choice of Game Cigar, and keep reading.

Why Roll A Blunt With A Game Cigar?

Blunt rollers who are solid Game fans go so far as to say that if you are not smoking your weed out of Game cigarillos, then you are not doing right. While that is open to debate, it attests to the popularity of the brand in the blunt scene.

Game Blunt
Multiple Packs of Game Cigar used for Marijuana Blunt

So, what makes it unique? Why must we roll a blunt with a Game Cigar?

Here are the reasons:

  • Gentle Enough. When it comes to harshness, it sits perfectly in the middle. It is a bit harsher than the Swisher Sweets but less harsh than a Backwoods.
  • Gutting Made Easy. Game cigarillos may have been intended for smoking. However, it feels as though it was also designed for blunt smokers because it is so easy to cut open.
  • Wide Variety Of Flavors. Believe us when we say it is almost impossible for you not to find an agreeable taste in the Game catalog. Who can resist flavors like black cherry, mocha, wild berry, mango, vanilla, white grape, white peach, pineapple, honey, or a brownie? Not into sweet or fruity smoke? You can try cigarillos in red, gold, silver, blue, black, natural, cognac, diamond, and the best selling green.
  • Size Options. Blunts are notable for holding up to three grams of weed, making them suitable for group sessions. Some smokers, though, want to fly high solo and do not need that much pot. With Game, you can roll a modest blunt, which is still a lot thicker and longer than a regular joint, using their 4.69 x 29 cigarillos and 4.5 x 27 Game Leaf. If you need a fat blunt to pass around, use their 6.06 x 42 Palma cigars.
  • Slow Burn. The leaf wrap of Game cigars is known for its smooth, slow burn. This trait is essential as it ensures less of the weed roll burns away. Don’t want to go through the hassle to roll a blunt? Buy the best pre rolls Canada products from Mail Order Marijuana. They have many selections with THC of up to 24%.

How To Roll A Fine Game Blunt?

The good thing about Game is that they offer two product lines that are suitable for making blunts. Regular cigars and cigarillos require a level of skill to split without the use of blade or splitter. “Game Leaf,” on the other hand, has a thin leaf wrapper. As such, you only need to untwist and roll out, making it suitable for first-time blunt rollers.

Essentially, you only these materials:

  • Buds of your preferred strain
  • Game cigar, cigarillo, or Game Leaf
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Blade (if using Game cigar or cigarillo)

Step 1: Break Up The Weed

Many blunt rollers break up cannabis flowers by hand. Note that those big bits of bud result in a slower and uneven burn. Plus, the resin will stick on your fingers, which leads to loss of THC or CBD crystals and more laborious handling of tobacco shell or leaf due to oily, sticky hands. To avoid these drawbacks, the use of a weed grinder is recommended. Do not grind too fine, though, or you would end up dragging and coughing on weed particles.

Step 2: Open & Gut The Game

If you have a Game cigar or cigarillo, you can split open a roll with a blunt splitter, blade, or with your fingers. Cut or slice lengthwise from end to end, starting where the mouthpiece is. If going for the no-help-needed route, put the same amount of pressure on each side as you tear the wrap all the way down. Once a clean cut is achieved, remove all the shredded tobacco leaves.

Separating the wrap of a Game Leaf is much simpler. Just find the tip of the leaf at either end, peel it off, then unroll it to get rid of its tobacco content. Once done, you will have a rectangular leaf wrap that is smoother and thinner than that of the Game cigar and cigarillo.

Keeping the shell intact is close to impossible with a dry tobacco roll. If your Game has sadly dried up, wrap it in a moist paper towel for a few minutes. You can also put it in the microwave for three to five seconds. This should moisten the cigar, but be on guard as a second more could toast your beloved wrap.

Step 3: Load & Even Out The Weed

Fill the hollowed-out tobacco wrap with ground weed. The Game Palma cigars can hold the highest amount of herbs, followed by cigarillos, then Game Leaf. Feel free to include your favorite concentrate for enhanced potency and flavor. If you used a 4-chamber weed grinder, then you can add the collected kief between two layers of herbs. Also, run your index finger up and down the blunt’s entire length to ensure a smooth and even burn.

Step 4: Roll The Blunt Wrap

To turn the wrap into a cylindrical tube, roll the blunt back and forth with your thumbs and index fingers. As you continue to rock, the paper will tighten around the pot log. Once stuffed tight enough, tuck the side of the wrap that is closest to you under the other side.

Step 5: Lick & Seal

All this rolling goes to waste if the blunt cannot hold its shape, so you have to seal it before smoking it. Lick the side that is on top of the other. Then, press it down on the side that is underneath it. That should make the wrap stick together. If there are parts that are not sticking, then keep licking, but do not drown the roll with saliva.

Once the shell is glued together, run a lighter quickly under the seam and entire exterior of the roll. Keep the lighter at a proper distance as holding it too close can burn some parts of the weed cigar. This should dry the blunt and tighten it up.

Raising Your Blunt Game

The use of Game cigars and cigarillos as wrap raises the bar on how you can make a fine roll of blunt. It makes the creation process a lot easier, while also enhancing the overall consumption experience with its wide range of irresistible flavors and ability to decelerate the burn. Best of all, these benefits come at a price that will have you regretting why you did not try it sooner.

Packs of Game Cigar
Packs of Game Cigar used for Marijuana blunt