Let’s admit it, there will always be some time when we will get a little too impatient to wait for things, especially if these things are something we want to immediately have. It is a good thing for us that with the aid of the advancing technology we have these days, we find no difficulty of hurrying or rushing things up. Washing and drying of clothes, cleaning, sending a letter and contacting someone has become very easy and fast for us, all thanks to technology.

Now let’s talk about cannabis. I am pretty sure there are lots of things about this plant that growers would want to rush if only they can, too bad that they can force the cannabis plant to grow and mature faster for its flowering time to come earlier. It is really unfortunate that you cannot rush this process. But then again, there is something in the process of cannabis making that you can do quickly and that is the drying of the cannabis plants. Maybe you want to reap what you have sown earlier or maybe you want to have some for yourself, whatever you reason is, here are some tips of how you can dry your marijuana quickly.

How To Dry Cannabis Plants Quickly

If you really cannot wait much longer, here are some tips that you can do to quickly dry your marijuana plants. First is you should hang your marijuana plants upside down in a room that is dark and then you have to increase the temperature in that room, about more than ninety Fahrenheit or thirty-two degree Celsius. To do this, you may need to use an electric or a gas powered heater.

Dry Marijuana
Woman Dry Hanging Marijuana

The room where you are going to put the marijuana should have good ventilation but if the buds of your marijuana are packed tightly, then it might take you about less than one week to get them completely dry out. You have to make sure that the heat can reach all of the parts of the marijuana plant equally. By doing this, you can make sure that the quality of your buds will be fine. It would however be better if you will let the bud to dry off in a cool and dark place for about a few weeks. After all, when it comes to marijuana, patience is a virtue.

How To Quickly Dry Small Amounts Of Marijuana

If you just need a little amount of marijuana to dry out for your own consumption, you can use this technique. You can place a small amount of your cannabis plant on an oven tray or a cookie sheet, place it in the oven and set the oven at about one hundred fifty to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit or about 65 to 95 Celsius, you should let the marijuana stay in the oven for about ten minutes.

The product that you are going to get out of this procedure will not be as good as the bud that was dried slowly and carefully. But you should be alert while doing this because your marijuana plants might get burned and you will not get anything good out of that.