Insects, pests and diseases, sometimes even other animals like slugs and rodents. Those things do not only attack us, human beings, but they also invade our plants. Just imagine spending all those time and effort trying to make your plant as beautiful and healthy as possible only to be destroyed and consumed by pests and be infected because of plant diseases.

Insects, pests and diseases attack any plant they want to attack, including your cannabis. If people are fond of the cannabis plant, so are these pests and diseases. The only difference is that we take care of the plant so we can enjoy it but the diseases, pests and those insects consume the cannabis and destroy them.

Spider Mites Pests
Marijuana Pest – Spider Mites

Thrips, Spider mites, Root rot and Bud rot will destroy your cannabis plant in no time without you even noticing it. Some pests are very hard to detect on plants, unless there are already hundreds of them feeding on it and eating away all the nutrients, mineral and all the other things they can benefit from it.

But don’t worry, there are always a solution to every problem. You just have to pay close attention to your marijuana plant because it might already be withering because of pests but you have no idea yet. You might notice it at some point but it might already be too late because your plant is already dying, all those time and effort you spent will just go to waste.

So how can you save your cannabis plant from the animals, insects, pests and disease attacks? Here are some ways:

Use of Organic Compost

Mix the organic compost with the soil you will use in planting. Leave it for a few weeks first before you put the seeds or the plants to avoid damaging them. The compost will create heat for the plant’s root system to make it conducive for worms for the soil to be rich in nutrients.

Once the cannabis is already planted, cover it with 3-4 mulch layers so the water will retain, making it attractive for toads and frogs. These reptiles will shoo away nocturnal bugs.

Plant Marigold around Your Cannabis

This is a cheap and effective way of protecting your plant against insects and other animals. Marigolds give off a pungent odor that beetles, spider mites, other animals so they will stay away from your marijuana plant if it is around them. The roots of the marigold plant also release a chemical which helps repel and damage nematodes which can cause severe damage to your crops.

Marigold Insect Control
Marigold As Insect Repellent

Use of Commercial Products

Using these products may cost you money but that it is guaranteed they will kill and destroy anything that may want to harm your precious cannabis plants! Commercial products like Root Protector, Bug Blaster and Mold Control can help you eradicate anything that is threatening the health of your plant.

Healthy cannabis plant
Cannabis plants free from any disease

When the problem or the bugs and mold are already present in your plant, using these commercial products are your best shot of saving your plant. They will give you a good result in no time; you just have to be patient in using them.