Cannabis should be considered as any kind of plant. And just like any kind of plant, they can suffer from a number of diseases that can spell trouble for both the plant and the marijuana grower.

If you’re planning on raising your very own marijuana garden, be sure to take note of the following cannabis diseases and deal with them as soon as you can to ensure the life and quality of your weed.

Below is one of the most common cannabis diseases

What Is White Powdery Mildew?

White powdery mildew can easily be identified as white spots on the leaves of your cannabis plants. The leaves are left with dust and round patches of white powder that look like flour. Also known as white powdery mold, this is caused by uncontrolled fungal growth that can easily damage your cannabis plants but can easily be fixed early on. Do be warned though – if you don’t resolve this kind of disease earlier in their development, it can turn your cannabis plantation into a disaster and ruin the entire harvest.

Characteristics Of White Powdery Mildew

White powdery mildew is seen as white circular patches on the leaves which look like flour. They appear without warning and can spread to other leaves and buds, making the buds rot and unusable. This cannabis disease can grow easily and unexpected that even the most experienced marijuana growers can have. But with the proper precautions, you can prevent this disease from your plantation and damage your cannabis plants. Fortunately, this is easy to detect and resolve with a couple of solutions that are available to your disposal.

Powder mildew
Powder mildew on cannabis plant

The Causes Of White Powdery Mildew

There are a number of reasons as to why white powdery mildew can develop. Fortunately, these can be resolved quite easily with careful management. Here are some of the causes of white powdery mildew in your cannabis plants.

Too Much Humidity

Most weed growers know that humidity is essential to grow healthy cannabis plants with rich buds. However, too much humidity can attract the growth of fungus and result in development of white powdery mildew. This becomes a problem during the early stages of growing cannabis since humidity is needed for their growth. But growing cannabis in a controlled area of humidity like grow boxes and grow tents seems to be an effective solution to prevent this type of disease as well as other cannabis diseases.

Limited Ventilation

Another reason why white powdery mildew can develop is because of low airflow. This will give the fungus room to thrive and survive, settling down on your plants and damaging the plants overtime. Provide adequate ventilation for your plants since even a small fan can reduce the risks of this disease from developing.

Leaf-To-Leaf Contact

White powdery mildew can be passed on from leaf to leaf. To prevent this infestation, make sure to remove the leaves that are affected by this fungus. Provide adequate spacing between your cannabis plants to prevent this cannabis disease from developing further.