Planning on raising your very own stock of marijuana at home? Or would you prefer raising your very own marijuana empire that’s going to earn your thousands of dollars in cash by selling? Regardless of your purpose of growing marijuana, you need to be properly equipped with the right tools to raise marijuana the right way.

Here are the essential marijuana growing tools you’ll need when you want to raise the best quality of weed.


Here comes a crucial tool when it comes to raising weed. Pruners have a thing of disappearing, that’s why you need to have a couple of sharp pruners in handy. If you want to effectively harvest your weed, then it’s important that you have pruners to cut off those rich buds without any hitch.

Weed pruner
Pruner tool use for cannabis


If the weather seems to be uncooperative and raising weed seems to be disagreeable with how humid the conditions are, then you’re probably going to need a trusty dehumidifier. Getting a dehumidifier is important to adjust the humidity where you grow your weed to make sure that they don’t die out or at least don’t have the buds rotting or losing the valuable THC content. But be sure to watch the buds since dehumidifiers can work too well and make the weed too dry.

Denatured Alcohol

Commonly used as fuel for lamps, denatured alcohol is an effective cleaning agent in and around the place where you’re raising marijuana. If you’re a grower yourself, you know that it’s not just the buds that seem to be sticky. The walls, the doorknobs, the ceiling, the lights and even the small nooks and crannies can become sticky because of marijuana. All you need to do is put denatured alcohol in a spray bottle, spray in the affected area, and then wipe away. And voila, you now have a clean working area!


Of course, it goes without saying – you’re going to need gloves. How else can you handle the buds of your weed supply without getting them to stick on your hands and fingers? You also need gloves to protect the buds themselves since they’re very sensitive and careless handling can lead to damage or even losing the quality of the buds themselves.

Gardening gloves
Gloves use for gardening

Safety Goggles

As the saying goes, safety first and in raising marijuana, that goes without saying since cutting the branches can get your eyes injured. Equipping yourself with safety goggles are important to maintain focus and keep away the small twigs and branches that may go into your eyes as you’re working and they can stick really bad. Safety goggles also protect your eyes from the smell of some weed strains since it can irritate the eyes.

Marijuana growing tools are essential in raising marijuana. Growing marijuana is easier said than done because of all the marijuana growing tools that you’ll need. If you’re planning to grow your own supply of marijuana at home, be sure to have these handy tools available for you for a successful harvest that’s going to earn you a lot.