In the whelm of growing weeds indoor, more light means more buds. This is why marijuana grow lamps are important for the growth and yield of your marijuana plants. The light and type of grow lamps play a vital role on how well your weed seeds will grow.

Grow Lamps & Indoor Growing Of Cannabis

Marijuana grow lamps are one of the basic ingredients of the cannabis indoor grow setup. Initially, pot plants are given 18 hours of light per day, while for the remaining 6 hours the weeds are thrown into darkness.

This initial setup is called the vegetative stage. This stage basically harnesses the weeds’ potential to induce the growth of leaf and stem.

Indoor lights
Indoor lights for growing marijuana

After 2 weeks or more, a switch is made to a more balanced 12 hours on-12 hours off shift for the light of the grow lamps. This is the time when the first of the buds take a peek at you and you reciprocate this with a smile that lights up your own face as a beginner grower too.

Experienced growers advise beginners to switch grow lamps once the flowering stage of the cannabis is reached. They also advise for the smooth transition of switching grow lamp lights. Thus, it is best to change lights with the use of a timer, which is either separate or built in with the grow lamps you have.

Taking A Look At The Color Of Grow Lamp Lights

Expert growers have their system for knowing which color of grow lamp light is used for what stage of marijuana indoor growing.

Weeds in vegetation stage are said to bask in the cool blue light. This can be provided by the so-called MH grow lamp lights.

LED lights
LED lights for marijuana

Meanwhile, pots which are at the blossoming stage will need more red lights. The HPS grow lamp lights are deemed best for such a stage.

Note: The CFL grow lamps are available in blue, red and even mixed colors!

As basic information for marijuana grow lamps, light color, which means the temperature of the light, has a unit of Kevin (K). In summary, 2700 K is a red spectrum for the blossoming and 6400 K is the blue spectrum for germination.

Let There Be light, Three Ways!

Another basic information is the three kinds of marijuana grow lamps available in the market – the High Pressure grow lamps, the Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), and the environment-friendly grow lamps called the LEDs.

High Pressure grow lamps are still the most common in usage. They are basically divided into two categories: the High Pressure Sodium Light (HPS) and the High Power Grow Lights (MH).

HPS grow lamps are characterized by the orange or red light they spread out, which is needed during the flowering stage. Metal Halide Lights or MH are grow lamps which emit the blue light and which is very important during the vegetation stage.

CFLs, on the other hand, are an inexpensive but still effective choice. With the bulbs of these grow lamps coming cheap and running ballast-free, CFLs are considered the staple of marijuana grow lamps.

The Rise Of The LEDs

LEDs are great marijuana grow lamps for the simple reason that they are good for the environment. Thus, more and more expert cannabis growers are recommending LEDs as your best grow lamp option.

Grow room lights
Grow room lights for marijuana

No matter what kind of marijuana grow lamp you choose as a beginning grower, you must always rely on good judgment and due care to recognize the good and not-so-good points. After all, grow lamps are supposed to bring you and your indoor cannabis plants to the light of a new and bright future!