During the course of your career as a marijuana grower, you may encounter some of the most trivial or some of the most annoying problems that you and your cannabis plants may suffer from. As a grower, it’s going to be your responsibility to handle these weed problems and help your cannabis plants to grow into fully mature plants with rich and abundant buds.

Here are just a few of the most common weed problems that you may encounter as you grow your very own marijuana empire.

Boron Deficiency

While being rare nowadays, boron deficiency can occur in your cannabis plants and can result in undernourished plants. This can result from inadequate pH from the soil which doesn’t promote adequate growth of your plants. A common sign that a cannabis plant has boron deficiency is weak or slow growth of the upper leaves. These leaves may have a small growth, a twisted growth, or just look unhealthy all together. It may even look like the plant has calcium deficiency at first glance.

pH Level Soil
pH Level Cannabis Soil

A myriad of problems can stem from boron deficiency which includes calcium deficiency, nitrogen deficiency, and potassium deficiency. That’s because these minerals need boron to be kept within the plants. A good solution to fight off boron deficiency is to manage the pH level of the soil and use other types of soil that are rich in nutrients. It’s fast and easy to resolve boron deficiency in plants and all you need to do is learn how to manage the pH of the soil.

Rotting Buds

One of the most serious weed problems that can develop in your cannabis plants is bud rotting. As the name implies, the buds get rotten and burning them won’t yield much of an effect which just makes your marijuana a waste of time and money. There are several reasons as to why rotting buds develop which include inadequate air circulation, growing the plants in cold temperatures, over watering your plants and not removing the rotten buds earlier on.

The fungus Botrytis cinerea causes bud rotting and it’s best to catch it earlier on. Just take note of these factors and balance them out – providing adequate air circulation for your plants, giving enough humidity for your plants, providing enough water for your cannabis plants, and removing the rotten buds early to prevent infestation.

Light Burns

While cannabis needs light to grow properly, too much light can be harmful for the plant. As such, this brings us to another common weed problem which is light burns. This can occur when the plant is left out in the sunlight for too long, especially during hot weather conditions. Leaving your cannabis plants in a controlled light environment like a grow tent or grow box without keeping an eye on the lighting can also burn off the leaves and stems of the plant. All you need to do is manage the amount of light that you cannabis plants receive and you’re all good to go.

Dried Cannabis Leaves
Dried Marijuana Leaves

There are certainly a lot of weed problems that you need to take note. Solutions are often easy but prevention is always the best. Keep an eye out for these problems and make sure that your cannabis plants don’t get them.