Marijuana grows best in slightly acidic soil, thus maintaining a good pH level is essential for nutrient absorption. pH level on soil doesn’t necessarily means maintaining it in a specific number. It just suggests that growers should know how to adjust their pH level in a certain range depending on the plant’s needs.

There are certain nutrients in the soil that marijuana plants easily absorbs on slightly higher pH level and there are also the ones that absorb better in low levels. Learning to balance the needs of the plants and knowing what to do is the key to better production.

Adjusting your soil’s pH level can sometimes be tricky and messy. In order to do it right, there are things that the one must know before turning the pH level up and down.

pH Soil Level
Marijuana pH Soil Level

Nutrients can change can change water’s pH level. Adding some in your water supply before giving it in your marijuana plants is a good technique. Before watering the marijuana plants with nutrient incorporated water solution, one must first check its pH level using a pH tester.

You can adjust the pH level down if the level is high and make it slightly higher if it didn’t reach the required range. Checking the soil is also necessary to achieve pH level. Soil and water are just some of the basic needs of a plant to grow. Also, the pH level and acidity of the soil also varies depending in the state of these two. The pH level of the soil depends on the nutrient incorporated water added to it.

PH level of the soil fluctuates because of some factors to consider and reasons for its adjustments overtime. In adjusting your pH levels, always remember that less is better than more. It is easier to add than to subtract something so if you are not sure of the correct formula to achieve a certain level, you should aim for the lesser quantity.

Cannabis Plant in Soil
Cannabis in Soil

Start with small amounts then eventually add the solution. There is no perfect solution or perfect mixture but as you go along with the process you will eventually get the hang of it. Adjustment at first is a game of trial and error.

pH up and down solution is also available in the market so make the most out of it. Do not make hunches on your soil’s pH level. Avoid mix up and down solution in the same mixture because the job becomes trickier that it is easier. Don’t correct solution mixture error by another solution because you will not likely to make it right.

Stay in range. pH levels in soil have ranges to follow and as long as you stay inside that bracket, everything’s going to be fine. Always check your soil’s pH level. Checking is the best way to stay safe, for change is constant and unavoidable. At the end, the harvest itself will pay your sacrifices and give you the top grade yield. It just depends on your efforts.