Mind Your pH Levels Marijuana Growers

Marijuana Growers

Planting marijuana doesn’t stop when you drop that tiny little seed in a pile of dirt.  Growing marijuana is a delicate job than it seems. Marijuana growers should take into consideration some aspects of planting.

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Good and appropriate soil is a necessity in raising a marijuana plant

Soil is the medium where water and nutrients that holds all the things the plant needs. It is the storage pot of nutrients for plants.

Marijuana grows best in a slightly acidic soil. In planting marijuana plant, marijuana growers should take into consideration the pH level of the soil they choose for their plants.

pH is the measurement of how “acidic” or “alkaline” a thing is

The hydrogen in the soil has also has to do with its PH level in it. Some may seem oblivious, especially the new ones in growing marijuana, of the importance of PH in the soil. Having the right PH in the soil will give marijuana growers the harvest that they wanted and the quality everyone wanted to have. Paying attention to your soil’s PH level will give you lesser worries in growing your marijuana. It is one of the first things to remember and to take note when planting.

Maintaining your soil’s PH level has many benefits to plants and marijuana growers

Good conditioned soil can produce a fast growing marijuana plant and higher harvest. Marijuana plants like slightly acidic soil on its roots because it helps them absorb nutrients better. In this case, good conditioned soil will lessen the possibility of nutrient deficiency on your plants.

Marijuana plants undergoes different stages while growing so good soil can supply whatever nutrient it needs while it develops. Also, water plays a role in maintaining your soil’s pH levels so marijuana growers should take into notice whether their water supply has high PH.

Like human food which has water or oil soluble nutrients, plant nutrient sources also depends its absorption level on the pH level of the soil.  Marijuana plants absorb nutrients best if the PH level in its roots is in its range. There are certain nutrients that marijuana can easily absorb and there are also ones that are hard. Fluctuating PH levels can cause nutrient deficiency in the plant even though the soil supplies enough for the plant.

Marijuana growers should know that an attended soil and composed soil have less pH level worries. The natural processes of breaking down its components help in maintaining a good pH level that helps in the easy absorption of nutrients, thus leaving the growers a healthy yield.

Getting the grasp of the pH maintenance in accordance to your soil type, marijuana growers now proceed to other important aspects in growing marijuana plant.

The important thing in growing marijuana is early detection

As they say, prevention is better than cure. If you notice that something is wrong with your plant, don’t wait for it to worsen. Don’t wait to see the problems in your plants leaves, do preventive measures early.

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