Cloning in the plant world is one way to propagate plants through an asexual reproduction by only cutting and rooting the healthy shoot. This method is also sometimes called taking a cutting. A clone only has one parent and it is an almost perfect genetic copy of its parent. Some plants have the ability to clone themselves naturally.

Why is Marijuana Cloning a Good Idea?

By cloning the marijuana plant, you can save more money because you don’t have to buy more cannabis seeds. By doing this, you can also be assured of the quality of your plants because you can ensure the plant’s gender because the clones are genetically identical to its mother plant so all you have to do is choose a female plant to clone.

Cannabis clone marijuana gender
Marijuana cloning for quicker and better growing results

Through marijuana cloning, you will also be able to produce a larger quantity of new and individual cannabis plants. And when you have a good tasting and very potent plant that produces a high yield, you can replicate them and produce even more high quality buds and yields.

The Steps of Marijuana Cloning

Step 1. Of course, you have to choose a healthy plant to clone and when you have already chosen one, cut a piece from the plant with a good, sharp scissor. Then you need to mix the perlite and vermiculite at 50/50 ratio, these are used to increase the moisture retention and aeration in the soil medium. Add water till the medium is soft and wet.

Step 2. Cut off the leaves and little side branches on the lower part of the plant piece, leaving a good cluster of leaves on the top part.

Step 3. Soak the lower part of the cut plant in a glass of water which contains a good bloom fertilizer.

Step 4. Place the end that was stripped cut to the rooting powder. The plant should be able to cling in there really well since the water fertilizer mix makes it very well coated.

Step 5. Next, you have to take a pen and use it to create a hole in the container of the mix you have prepared earlier. Make the holes big so it wouldn’t touch and scrape off the rooting hormone from the plant.

Step 6. Place your marijuana cuts into the hole that you just made in the previous step and don’t forget that you have to pack the medium tight around the plant cuts.

Step 7. Get the bloom formula and spray it on the marijuana cut and make sure to get them pretty wet. As for the storage box, make holes on each of its side and make another two on top of it. Turn that box upside down and place the container with your newly planted cuts on the lid and then close it up.

Clones for replanting
Clones ready for replanting

You have to open that storage box every other day for seven days or more. Spray the plants if it gets too hot or dry. After one week, take the lid off for some time like a few hours and leave it. Remember never to pull the cute or even just move them in any way since this will slow down its progress. You will have those cute rooted in about two weeks or so and you can transfer them to hydro or soil from there.