Apart from the benefits that weed offers, the different marijuana strains that come along with it sometimes has some weird names. But even so, these awesomely-weird marijuana strains have some of the best effects that make it more potent than the other kinds.

Green Crack

It is a sativa-dominant strain and people in the marijuana community rankled with its naming nod to the cocaine derivative. However, this marijuana is not addictive and it surely won’t kill you. But you can still smoke it as much as you want until you will feel like you’re dying though.

Green Crack Marijuana
Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts of America may not like the idea that the name of a marijuana strain is associated with their ever popular cookies. But the taste of this strain is fruity, spicy and comes with a delicious taste of thin mint to it.

Girl Scout Cookie
Girl Scout Cookie Marijuana Strain

Blue Cheese

This skunk-like hybrid of the UK Cheese and Blueberry is popular with the cannasseurs (marijuana connoisseurs). It is best used after dinner and will provide you with a long-lasting high.

Blue Cheese Marijuana
Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain

Jorge’s Diamonds #1

Glistening colas inspired the Dutch breeders to give a name to this strain from one of the popular cultivation gurus, Jorge Cervantes. This marijuana strain shines bright just like a star and is packed with a crystalline punch.

Jorge’s-Diamonds Marijuana
Jorge’s-Diamonds Marijuana Strain


This marijuana strain is a hybrid of the Cannalope Haze and the OG Chocolate Thai. Also, it is as scrumptious as its name.

Strawberry Cough

This strain is sativa-dominant and is a winner during the 2013 Seattle U.S. Cannabis Cup. The smoke it emits has that strawberry ambrosia smell to it which makes it perfect for the right buzz you’re looking for and will surely make you keep on going non-stop on using it.

Golden Coat

This sweet ‘n sour hybrid was named due to its smell which is somewhat like the smell of recycled soda cans that rotted in the summer heat. The sticky, stinky smell will surely make it ideal if you love smoking in the farm or anywhere else in the fields.

Golden Coat Marijuana
Golden Coat Marijuana Strain


This is a clone-only strain and it will provide you with a goo-lastic goodness. The sugary lusciousness smell it emits makes it a very good pot to smoke after a stressful day at work.

Afgooey Marijuana
Afgooey Marijuana Strain

Lucky Charms

It is a mellow strain from the state of Colorado and it will surely provide you with a long-lasting high that’s guaranteed to give you a really good time.

Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Marijuana Strain


This potent marijuana strain is highly recommended for making hash, vaping and for getting schnazzy. It’s sweet and soothing smell will surely have you and your friends going for more rounds of it.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

This strain hails from the Manatuska Valley in the 49th state and will surely bang your senses with its fruity taste and smell. It also produces a great amount of smoke that will surely cover your eyes and the skies.

Alaskan Thunderfuck
Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana Strain