Smoking marijuana usually entails a pipe or a rolling paper to make a joint. However, with the current technology and the trend of e-cigarettes or vaporizers, say goodbye to burnt ashes of ganja.

Despite the legalities strangling the public use of marijuana in certain countries, there are still weed lovers who smoke. Why? This is due to the benefits of marijuana such as eliminating pain and reducing stress and anxiety. With this, pot smokers who are caught in the act of smoking a joint or even with a pipe are getting themselves into prison. Here’s good news for potheads out there, you don’t need to hide anymore, with the great tandem of marijuana oil and vaporizer pens, you can now hit the hay without being caught.

Getting The Vibe Of Vape

Vaporizer pens, also known as vape or e-cigarettes originally, caters to smokers who want to quit. Vape helps them to smoke without the nicotine and help save the lungs from cancer. Don’t get me wrong, while vape does hide smokers from being caught, these devices have actually been used by patients prescribed with medical marijuana.

Vape Oil
Marijuana oil for vaping

Through vape, users are allowed to inhale the cannabinoids in the marijuana oil or hash oil. Like the ordinary e-cigarette, it needs an oil to be heated which then evaporates into smoke that you inhale. You may choose from different designs and sizes, depending on your preference and your lifestyle. Unlike rolling a joint, you cannot make your own e-cigarettes but you may buy it almost anywhere.

Marijuana Oil

On the other hand, marijuana oil can be bought and made even at home. Marijuana oil is different from hemp oil, although both come from the cannabis plant, the hemp oil does not contain the THC present in the plant. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis while the marijuana oil is made from the plant itself.

Hash oil is used by patients undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from glaucoma, among other diseases. Unlike smoking a joint or making a bong, vaporizers allow the patients to have a cleaner and more concentrated ways of inhaling the THC. Most of the time, the smoke that comes from burning the joint results to complications in the patient’s current state.

How To Make Marijuana Oil

If you’re interested in making your own marijuana oil, here’s how.


  • 1 lb. dried cannabis
  • 17 oz. solvent (alcohol or pure Naphtha)


  1. Soak your dried cannabis in a bucket of alcohol. This is the actual transfer of THC from the cannabis into the liquid.
  2. Make the first filtration. Using a strainer, pour your first mixture into a second container which leaves the cannabis in the first bucket.
  3. Add alcohol to the second container and leave it again for another 3 minutes.
  4. Filter your solution for the second time. By now, you should have a clearer solution free from the remains of the cannabis.
  5. Using a pot or rice cooker, bring a portion of the solution to a boil. Let the solvent evaporate in the process. As the solvent steams off, continue adding the cannabis solution into the pot. Continue doing this until you finish the marijuana oil.
  6. Once the marijuana oil sets, it is finished! Congratulations, you probably feel like Walter White right?

After making your marijuana oil, make sure to fill up the vape cartridge and you’re all done!