If you’re a regular consumer of marijuana, you’ve probably heard about this – THC. These three letters hold great meaning when it comes to the marijuana world. Of course, veteran growers know all about THC and the wonders that it brings for weed. But what exactly is THC? Well, here are things that may help give you some idea.

THC Is The Thing That Gets You High

While cigarettes have nicotine, weed has THC. But before you start thinking that weed can be addicting, by no means is THC an addictive substance. Unlike nicotine, THC only brings you to a relaxing stone that can either be a lazy and sleepy stone that’s helpful for getting some rest for both your mind and body or a stone that fire up your creativity and imagination that makes it perfect for work.

High with THC
Getting high with THC

The More THC, The Higher You Get

As a product of nature, not every strain of marijuana has the same amount of THC . Some strains have lower or higher THC content than others. If you do your research, there are a lot of factors that can determine the THC content of a strain but it mostly lies on the parents used during the crossbreeding. It’s a rule of thumb that the more THC content a strain has, the higher that you’ll be getting.

Different Strains Have Different THC Content

As mentioned before, not every strain of marijuana has the same THC content. While one strain may have a low THC, another may have a higher THC content. Depending on the dose that you’re usually taking and the strain that you’ll be smoking, the stone that you’ll be getting later on can either be easy or hard.

Common Side Effects

Smoking marijuana also carries some side effects. These side effects can depend on the THC content, but the most common ones tend to be dryness of the mouth and the eyes. Other side effects that depend on the THC content of a strain include headaches, anxiety, paranoia, getting jitters, sleeping problems and more.

THC Content Depends On The Growing

Did you know that even when a particular cannabis strain is known to have a higher THC, it can still depend on the quality of how the cannabis plant is raised? Proper curing, providing adequate lighting and water, using the right fertilizers and more can play vital roles when it comes to keeping the quality of the THC content of the marijuana. As a grower, you need to be careful in raising your marijuana plants since you can end up destroying high quality marijuana with a high THC content into a bundle of low quality garbage that customers won’t even bother buying.

Cannabis plant with THC
Cannabis THC

The Buds Contain The Most THC Content

If you’re a regular user of weed, then you probably know this already. It’s a given that the buds are the ones being used if you want to consume cannabis. That’s because the buds contain the highest THC content throughout the cannabis plant. If you want to get high, then the buds are the key.