Here we are again – marijuana. Who knew that we’ve come so far? With the recent legalization of using weed, business has been picking up for a lot of weed dealers and even shops have now been built up. But let’s focus on the consumers today and everything that concerns consuming Weed.

The magic of weed lies in its consumption. There are a number of ways you can consume weed like eating it, taking it as tea or even in the form of capsules nowadays. The most common way to consume weed is through smoking. Weed can be used in a variety of ways and for different purposes.

May it be for recreational use or medical use, you should take note of a number of ways when it comes to consuming weed which include the following:

Not Too Wet

Make sure that you don’t allow your stock of weed to get wet or get too much moisture. Weed that is too wet is something to watch out for when buying your supply of weed since it’s not a good sign if you see your weed having too much water. Most commonly, people improperly store their weed supply in refrigerators which can cause moisture to enter the buds of the weed. This renders the weed tasting too stale and even more difficult to burn when smoking, giving you nothing but a bitter aftertaste.

Weed storage
Perfect example of weed storage

Don’t Burn For Too Long

When you smoke weed, you should know that the freshest smoke is the best one that you’ll get since that’s where you can get really high. If you’re looking for more smoke, burning the weed for too long isn’t the answer! Sure, you’ll get a lot of smoke but all you’ll be getting is bitter tasting smoke that won’t even get you high enough to let you enjoy your stock of weed. When it comes to weed, being gentle is the name of the business so be sure to take it easy when burning the weed.

Stay Away From Light

One of the most common blunders that a lot of weed suppliers and even consumers commit is that they don’t shield their weed from light. The buds of weed are very sensitive to light which can lead to losing the THC content in weed which is actually the thing that gets you high. And YES, there’s light in your fridge! While you are correct in storing weed in a cool place, you need to make sure that you shield your weed supply from both moisture and light. First off, place the weed in a brown paper bag to protect it from light and then place it again inside a zip lock plastic bag to ensure that moisture doesn’t get through.

Light exposure
Too much light exposure can be harmful to weed

When it comes to weed, you need to be careful and be gentle in handling and consuming it to make sure that you get high quality smoke that gets you high to the fullest. Maximize how you consume weed and get the best out of your weed supply by remembering these useful tips. Happy whiffing and happy smoking!